Closed Classes

Spring 2021 Registration Changes (adds or swaps) can only be done via petition process through the student's college advisor as of February 2, 2021!

Qualifications to Receive Permission to Enter a Closed Math Class

  • Able to register immediately for the class requested - at proper date/time in registration queue;
  • No holds preventing immediate registration;
  • Prerequisite course(s) successfully completed;
  • In cases in which the prerequisite course has not been taken for lower level Math courses (1001, 1031, 1051, 1151, 1142, 1271, 1371), a current U of M online placement test score may be used to indicate readiness;
  • No time conflicts with other classes.

How to Request Permission to Enter a Closed Math Class

Send an email to with this information:

In the subject line of the email include:

  • 4-digit course number (Ex. Math 1001)
  • and term (Spring 2021)  

In the main text of the email Include:

  • your Student Name and
  • U of M ID number (if you have one)

For each section of each course include:

  • Course Number (Ex.: Math 1001)
  • Section Number (Ex.: 012)
  • Class number (5-digit Ex.: 12345)
  • Reason(s) why you can't register to open section(s) in course(s)

Without this information, the reply to your email will be a request to provide the missing information. Permission requests for math classes will not be considered until the registration queue begins.

Time Line for Receiving Permission or Denial Message

We try to respond within 3 (three) business days (M-F) after our office receives the request. If the volume of requests is high, responses may take longer.

Please do not send an email asking about the status of the request until 5 (five) business days (M-F) after sending the request.

Permission to enter a closed/restricted section will be active only for a specified period. This information is included in the email response to student.

Delays in Processing Request for Permission to Enter a Closed Math Class

  • Missing information needed to process request
  • Multiple requests for same class from same individual (increases volume of requests)
  • High volume of requests

Denial of Request for Permission to Enter a Closed Math Course

  • Maximum enrollment cap for class has been reached
  • Student does not have prerequisite requirement(s)
  • Student does not meet the criteria of the priority seating
  • Student not able to register that day (due to hold on record or not student's turn in registration queue)
  • Student has multiple conflicting requests

The Undergraduate Mathematics Office is "open" Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. The office is "closed" on all university holidays, evenings, and weekends. Emails are not processed when the office is closed.