• Mike Weimerskirch with Wolfram Research Innovator Award

    Mike Weimerskirch Receives Wolfram Research Innovator Award for the Minnesota Online Learning Systems (MOLS)

    Mike Weimerskirch received the Wolfram Research Innovator Award in 2020 for his work on the Minnesota Online Learning System (MOLS). MOLS supports faculty and students with homework and quiz creation and grading. and with placement exams for over seven thousand students annually. Wolfram Research recognizes leaders around the world who are “pushing the boundaries of how the Wolfram technology stack is leveraged.”

  • Austin Kraft, Fulbright award winner

    Austin Kraft Receives Fulbright Award to Conduct Language Research

    Austin Kraft, a ’20 graduate with majors in Mathematics and Linguistics, was offered a Fulbright Award to travel to Indonesia to conduct a comparative study of grammatical binding in three Indonesian languages. Working with Professor Yanti at Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya, Austin will conduct fieldwork at three different locations on the islands of Java and Borneo to elicit and document native speakers' binding patterns.

  • MPM organizers Harini Chandramouli, McCleary Philbin, Esther Banaian, and Sarah Brauner

    The Mathematics Project at Minnesota (MPM) awarded MAA Tensor Women in Mathematics Grant

    The Mathematics Project at Minnesota (MPM) has been awarded a Tensor Women in Mathematics Grant from the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). The grant provides funding to programs that are "designed to encourage college and university women...to study and persist in mathematics." MPM is a four-day workshop for undergraduates at the University of Minnesota who come from underrepresented groups in mathematics.

  • Bruno Poggi and Ryan Matzke

    Bruno Poggi and Ryan Matzke Awarded Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

    Bruno Poggi and Ryan Matzke have been awarded a University of Minnesota Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship for 2020-21. Bruno's research interests lie in the intersection of harmonic analysis, geometric measure theory, and elliptic partial differential equations. His thesis advisor is Svitlana Mayboroda. Ryan's research interests lie in potential theory, discrepancy theory, and optimal point distributions.

  • Kai-Wen Lan and Gregg Musiker

    Kai-Wen Lan and Gregg Musiker Promoted to Full Professor

    The Board of Regents has now approved the promotions of Kai-Wen Lan and Gregg Musiker to full professor. Prof. Lan’s research interests are Number theory, automorphic forms, Shimura varieties and related topics in arithmetic geometry. Prof. Musiker’s research interests are Combinatorics, cluster algebras, and tropical geometry.


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