Faculty and Postdoctoral Mentors

Undergraduate researchers must pursue their work under the guidance of a faculty or postdoctoral mentor. The following is a list of such mentors, their areas of research, and the undergraduate research programs in which they participate. Click on the faculty or postdoctoral mentor's name to access their home page and further details about their areas of research.

Name Research Area REU UROP URS Honors Thesis Senior Project
Anar Akhmedov Knot Theory, low dimensional topology, symplectic topology, algebra, algebraic geometry.  
Christine Berkesch Zamaere Algebraic geometry, commutative algebra.  
Dmitriy Bilyk Analysis, discrepancy theory, approximation, probability.  
Sergey Bobkov Probability theory, analysis, convex geometry, Sobolev-type inequalities.
Ben Brubaker Number theory, automorphic forms, combinatorial representation theory, L-functions.
Carme Calderer Applied mathematics, continuum mechanics, soft condensed matter physics and materials science, with emphasis on liquid crystals, ferroic materials, partial differential equations and calculus of variations.
Paul Garrett Modern analysis in automorphic forms and number theory.      
Lawrence Gray Probability theory, especially Markov processes related to statistical physics, genetics, highway traffic, epidemiology.    
Dennis Hejhal Analysis, number theory, supercomputers.        
Dihua Jiang Automorphic forms, L-functions, number theory, harmonic analysis, representation theory.  

Markus Keel Differential equations (partial and ordinary differential equations); analysis; applications involving linear algebra adn probability to areas such as finance, computer science, and physics.
Kai-Wen Lan Number theory, algebraic geometry, and their applications.
Tyler Lawson Algebraic topology, K-theory.  
Gilad Lerman Computational harmonic analysis, machine learning, data analysis and modeling, computer vision.
Albert Marden Hyperbolic geometry, complex dynamics.  
Svitlana Mayboroda Analysis, partial differential equations.
Richard McGehee Dynamical systems, applied math.  
William Messing P-adic representations associated with algebraic varieties via cohomology, the connections between the latter and de Rham cohomology.  
Willard Miller Lie groups, special functions, q-series.    
Wei-Ming Ni Partial differential equations and mathematical biology.
Duane Nykamp Applied math, mathematical biology, mathematical neuroscience.  
Andrew Odlyzko Number theory, combinatorics, statistics and economics.  
Peter Olver Lie groups, differential equations, computer vision, applied mathematics, differential geometry, mathematical physics.  
Hans Othmer Applied mathematics, mathematical biology, dynamical systems.
Peter Polacik Partial differential equations, dynamical systems, ordinary differential equations.  
Vic Reiner Combinatorics.
Jonathan Rogness Topology, mathematics education, geometry.  
Fadil Santosa Inverse problems, imaging, optics, optimization, mathematical finance.  
Arnd Scheel Dynamical systems, partial differential equations, applied math.
Arnab Sen Probability theory, random matrices, spectral graph theory.  
Daniel Spirn Partial differential equations, applied mathematics.
Vladimir Sverak Partial differential equations, fluid mechanics, ordinary differential euations.  
Alexander Voronov Mathematical physics, algebraic topology, algebra, algebraic geometry.
Peter Webb Representation theory, group theory, algebraic computation.