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Master of Financial Mathematics (MFM)

The Master of Financial Mathematics (MFM) at the University of Minnesota's (UMN) School of Mathematics is a professional master program founded in 2007.    Since its inception, we have had a close working relationship with the broad and varied quantitative finance and data science community in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Students in our MFM program interact with a very tight-knit and committed group of professors, advisors and alumni who take an active role in the development of their individual academic and career paths. 

We are the only MFM in the Upper Midwest and have become increasingly well-known and crucial to local employers in need of quantitative talent.   Minneapolis-St. Paul is an active hub for quantitative finance and data science and is home to many banking, insurance, hedge fund, asset management, agribusiness, commodities and Fortune 500 firms as well as the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Many of our alumni are employed locally; and there are growing communities of MFM alumni all over the world.

What makes Minnesota's MFM Great:

Experienced Faculty

Theoretical and Real-World Coursework

  • Rigorous coursework in mathematics, statistics and programing
  • Practitioners course with modules taught by industry quants
  • Intensive modeling workshop with team projects led by industry mentors

Strong Reputation, Career Activities and Alumni Network 

  • Ranked in top 12-23 MFM / MFE Programs in North America
  • Dedicated advisor helps students reach own unique career goals
  • Frequent meetings with companies through MFM student club 
  • Career events, company visits, trading & data analytics competitions
  • Highly involved and supportive alumni network


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QuantNet Ranking 2018 TFE Times Badge 2018
Ranked 12th  Ranked 23rd Ranked 20th 

International Association for Quantitative Finance: Academic Program Affiliate Member

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Principal Associate, Quant Analysis, Capital One, Chicago
Master of Financial Mathematics
Class of 2016

Model risk management was my favorite area when I was a student in the MFM.  I was interested because of the challenging and level of mathematical and analytical thinking it involves.  Also it so happened that we have some top tier professors in this area in our program.