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Financial Mathematics Tuition

Tuition Rates per Credit:

Tuition in 2019-2020:  $1,004/credit - Minnesota Resident and $1,257/credit Non Resdient (Pending Regents Approval)

Tuition in 2017-2018: $974/credit Minnesota State Resident and $1,220/credit Non Resident

  • MFM students who finish the MFM program in 2 consecutive years will pay the same tuition rate during their entire program. Those who take longer than 2 years will be charged the current rate after their first two consecutive years in the program.
  • For students who do not need to take the preparatory course sequence (FM 5001/FM5002), they will take a total of 32 credits.

  • Students who must take the preparatory sequence for the MFM will take a total of 38 credits
  • It is possible to complete the FQF program in one year, taking a total of 14 credits.

Note: The per credit rates above do not include various fees, including the university fee.

For general information about financing graduate school, here are three sources: