PhD Alumni

Student Degree Awarded Advisors Thesis
Acosta, Javier 2016 Bramson, Maury Convergence in law of the centered maximum of the mollified Gaussian free field in two dimensions.
Alayont, Feryal 2003 Garrett, Paul Residues of Eisenstein Series.
Albert, Samuel 2001 Cockburn, Bernardo A Posteriori Error Estimation for Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equations.
Alexandrov, Oleg 2004 Santosa, Fadil Wave Propogation in Optical Fibers: Analysis and Optimization.
Ali, Adil 2015 Garrett, Paul Boundary-value problems on spaces of automorphic forms.
Anand, Akash 2006 Reitich, Fernando Leiva An Efficient High-Order Algorithm for Scattering from Penetrable Thin Structures.
Andersen, Janet 1992 Roberts, Joel Determinantal Rings Associated with Symmetric Matrices.
Aschenbeck, Michael 2009 Santosa, Fadil A Learning Approach to Detecting Lung Nodules in CT Images.
Avellaneda, Marco 1985 Jain, Naresh Large Deviation Estimates and the Homological Behavior of Brownian Motion on Manifolds.
Averina, Viktoria 2015 Othmer, Hans A Mathematical Model of Neurally-Mediated Angiotensin II-Salt Hypertension.
Bae, Hyeong Ohk 1996 Sell, George Dynamics of Evolutionary Equations Under Time Discretizations.
Baeten, Josephus 1985 Richter, Wayne Filters and Ultrafilters over Definable Subsets of Admissible Ordinals.
Bailey, Guy 1997 Reiner, Victor Tilings of Zonotopes.
Barcelo, Bartolome 1991 Fabes, Eugene On the Harmonic Measure for Nondivergence Elliptic Equations.
Bashkirov, Denis 2014 Voronov, Alexander The BV formalism for homotopy Lie algebras.
Bastos, Waldemar 1995 Littman, Walter Boundary Control for Hyperbolic Equations in Polyhedral Domains.
Bauman, Patricia 1982 Fabes, Eugene Properties of Nonnegative Solutions of Second-Order Elliptic Equations and their Adjoints.
Belik, Pavel 2000 Luskin, Mitchell Computational Methods for Martensitic Thin Films.
Bellay, Jeremy 2009 Scheel, Arnd The Stability and Transitions of Coherent Structures on Excitable and Oscillatory Media.
Bemis, Christopher 2008 Santosa, Fadil Modeling and Optimization of Mortgage Loan Portfolios.
Benson, Joseph 2014 Olver, Peter Integrable Planar Curve Flows and the Vortex Membrane Flow in Euclidean 4-Space Using Moving Frames and the Variational Bicomplex.
Berget, Andrew 2014 Reiner, Victor S. Symmetries of Tensors.
Bernard, Guy 1993 Ni, Wei-Ming An Inhomogeneous Semilinear Equation in Entire Space.
Berndt, Ryan 2003 Jodeit, Max Jr Singular Integrals with New Singularities.
Bezuidenhout, Carol 1985 Orey, Steven Small Random Perturbations of Stochastic Systems.
Bilge, Ayse 1993 Olver, Peter Construction of Recursion Operators for Scalar Evolution Equations.
Binder, Andrew 2017 Luskin, Mitchell Development and Analysis of Computationally Efficient Methods for Analyzing Surface Effects.
Boavida, Joao 2009 Garrett, Paul B. Compact periods of Eisenstein series of orthogonal groups of rank one.
Bondarevsky, Vadim 1996 Sell, George On the Global Regularity Problem for the 3-Dimensional Navier-stokes Equations on Thin Domains.
Boutin, Mireille 2001 Olver, Peter On Invariants of Lie Group Actions and their Application to Some Equivalence Problems.
Bromley, Clayton 1980 Pruitt, William E. Topics in Stochastic Differential Equations and in the Theory of Two-Parameter Gaussian Processes.
Brown, Russell 1987 Fabes, Eugene Layer Potentials and Boundary Value Problems for the Heat Equation on Lipschitz Cylinders.
Bu, Fanbin 2011 Reitich, Fernando Integral equation methods for the simulation of viscoelastic ultrasound vibro-acoustography.
Byrnes, Patrick 2012 Reiner, Victor Structural aspects of differential posets.
Cabanela, Rosa 1995 Moeckel, Richard The Retrograde Solutions of the Planar Three Body Problem in the Neighborhood of the Restricted ProblemVia, a Submanifold Convex to the Flow.
Calderhead, Kyle 2002 Reiner, Victor Variations on the Slope Problem.
Campbell, Patrick 2014 Nykamp, Duane Dynamical implications of network statistics.
Carpentier, Michel 1985 Sperber, Steven p-Adic Cohomology of Generalized Hyperkloosterman Sums.
Case, Jeremy 1995 Garrett, Paul Analytic Continuation and Rationality of Euler Factors in Integral Representations of L-Functions for Classical Groups.
Catalano, Michael 1992 Feshbach, Mark Stable Splittings of Classifying Spaces for Some Groups of Order Thirty-two.
Celiker, Fatih 2005 Cockburn, Bernardo Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Structural Mechanics.
Cerutti, Maria 1990 Fabes, Eugene Green's Function and Uniqueness for Diffusions Related to Elliptic Operators with Discontinuous Coefficients.
Chabaud, Brandon 2009 Calderer, Carme Analysis and numerics of the mechanics of gels.
Chang, Ching-Hao 2013 Li, Tian-Jun Isotopy of nodal symplectic spheres in rational manifolds.
Chang, Won Jae 2001 Krylov, Nicolai V. Numerical Schemes for the Control Problem with Optimal Stopping.
Chao, Yi-Ju 1999 Krylov, Nicolai Diffusion Approximation of a Sequence of Semimartingales and its Application in Exploring the Asymptotic Behaviour of some Queueing Networks.
Chayabutr, Celeste 1987 Roberts, Joel The Purity of the Frobenius and the Upper Bound Conjecture for Combinatorial Manifolds.
Cheh, Jeongoo 2005 Olver, Peter Symmetry Pseudogroups of Differential Equations.
Chen, Bin 1990 Hardt, Robert On Singularities of a Class of P-Harmonic Maps.
Chen, Guangliang 2009 Lerman, Gilad M. Spectral Curvature Clustering for Hybrid Linear Modeling.
Chen, Haojie 2013 Li, Tian-Jun Generalized complex structures on 4-manifolds.
Chen, Haoran 2013 Mori, Yoichiro, Co-Advisor: Calderer, Carme A Dynamic Model of Polyelectrolyte Gels.
Chen, Hwa-Nien 1990 Gray, Lawrence On the Stability of a Population Growth Model with Sexual Reproduction on the Two-Dimensional Integer Lattice.
Chen, Kuo-chang 2001 Moeckel, Richard Variational Methods and Periodic Solutions of Newtonian N-body Problems.
Chen, Min-Hung 2005 Cockburn, Bernardo High-Order Runge-Kutta Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Computational Electromagnetics.
Chen, Nai-Chia 2014 Moeckel, Richard Periodic Brake Orbits in the N-Body Problem.
Chen, Xinfu 1991 Friedman, Avner Phase Transition and Free Boundary Problems.
Chen, Yanlai 2007 Cockburn, Bernardo An Adaptive High Order Discontinuous Galerkin Method with Error Control for the Hamilton-Jacobi Equations.
Cheng, Lu 1993 Garrett, Paul Eisenstein Series and Rationality of Automorphic L-functions on Anisotropic Unitary Groups over Function Fields.
Chiang, Tzuu-Shuh 1980 Joichi, James Large Deviation of Markov Processes.
Chihara, Laura 1985 Stanton, Dennis Applications of the Askey-Wilson Polynomials to Association Schemes.
Cho, Soojin 1995 Stanton, Dennis Null Designs of Partially Ordered Sets.
Cho, Sungwon 2005 Safonov, Mikhail Boundary Behavior of Solutions to Second Order Elliptic and Parabolic Equations.
Choffrut, Antoine 2009 Sverak, Vladimir On the local structure of the set of steady-state solutions to the 2D Euler equations.
Chung, Kuerak 2008 Voronov, Alexander A. Based Cacti.
Coffman, Robert 1990 Bramson, Maury Multi-Stage Growth Models.
Cohen, Robert 1988 Luskin, Mitchell Fractional Step Methods for Liquid Crystal Problems.
Collins, Charles 1990 Luskin, Mitchell Computation and Analysis of Twinning in Crystalline Solids.
Collins, Kevin 2006 Santosa, Fadil An Inverse Problem in Determining the Electrical Potential on the Heart.
Cooke, David 1989 Olver, Peter Hamiltonian Systems of Evolution Equations.
Corona-Corona, Gulmaro 1995 Sattinger, David Hamiltonian Systems of Evolution Equations.
Cranston, Michael 1980 Orey, Steven On the Tail Sigma-Field of Certain Diffusion Processes.
Csar, Sebastian 2014 Reiner, Victor Root and weight semigroup rings for signed posets.
Das, Pinaki 1997 Anderson, Greg Double Coverings of Cyclotomic Fields Arising from Algebraic Gamma Monomials.
Dealwis, K. K. Tilak 1988 Eagon, John Free Minimal Resolutions and Betti Numbers.
DeCelles, Amy 2011 Garrett, Paul Automorphic partial differential equations and spectral theory with applications to number theory.
DeJager, Joel 1997 Littman, Walter Applications of a Nonlinear Ovsjannikov Theorem to Boundary Control of Nonlinear Schrodinger and Korteweg-de Vries Equations.
DeLong, Richard 1982 Miller, Willard Killing Tensors and the Hamilton-Jacobi Equation.
DelPino, Manuel 1992 Ni, Wei-Ming Some Semilinear Elliptic Systems Without Variational Structure.
Demoulini, Sophia 1993 Kinderlehrer, David Young Measure Solutions for a Nonlinear Parabolic Equation of Forward-Backward Type.
Dilks, Kevin 2015 Reiner, Victor Involutions on Baxter Objects adn q-Gamma Nonnegativity.
Dobrinen, Natasha 2001 Prikry, Karel Generalized Weak Distributive Laws in Boolean Algebras and Issues Related to a Problem of von Neumann Regarding Measurable Algebras.
Dobson, Matthew 2009 Luskin, Mitchell B. Mathematical Foundations of the Quasicontinuum Multiscale Method.
Doh, Hyun Soo 2012 Krylov, Nicolai Error Estimates for Finite Difference Solutions of Second-Order Elliptic Equations in Discrete Sobolev Spaces.
Dokken, Douglas 1985 Ellis, Robert u-Harmonic Functions of Locally Compact Groups.
Dong, Bo 2007 Cockburn, Bernardo Superconvergent Discontinous Galerkin Methods for Elliptic Problems.
Dong, Hongjie 2005 Krylov, Nicolai On Some Problems Related to the Regularity Theory for Second-order Elliptic-Parabolic Equations and Their Numerical Approximations
Dong, Xun 2001 Reiner, Victor The Topology of Bounded Degree Graph Complexes and Finite Free Resolutions.
Dorfmeister, Josef 2009 Li, Tian-Jun Relative Methods in Symplectic Topology.
Doyle, Philip 1992 Olver, Peter Differential Geometric Poisson Bivectors and Quasilinear Systems inOne, Space Variable.
Drake, Daniel 2006 Stanton, Dennis W Towards a Combinatorial Theory of Multiple Orthogonal Polynomials.
Du, Bau-Sen 1983 Sell, George Bifurcations of Diffeomorphisms on R3.
Du, Dapeng 2005 Sverak, Vladimir Three Regularity Results Related to the Navier-Stokes Equations.
Dunbar, Steven 1981 Aronson, Donald Travelling Wave Solutions Of Diffusive Volterra-Lotka Interaction Equations.
Dunlop, Anthony 1999 Pour-El, Marian Degrees of Unsolvability and Relative Computability of Real Numbers.
Ecevit, Fatih 2005 Reitich, Fernando Integral Equation Formulations of Electromagnetic and Acoustic Scattering Problems: High-frequency Asymptotic Expansions and Convergence of Multiple Scattering Iterations.
Edman, Robert 2015 Reiner, Victor Diameter and Coherence of Monotone Path Graphs.
El Bialy, Mohamed Sami 1987 McGehee, Richard Collision Singularities of the N-Body Problem and the Isosceles Three-Body Problem.
Ellman, Michael 1994 Garrett, Paul Analysis of Integrals Arising as Local Factors in L-functions.
Erban, Radek 2005 Othmer, Hans From Individual to Collective Behavior in Biological Systems.
Erdmann, Grant 2003 Santosa, Fadil A New Minimax Algorithm and Its Application to Optics Problems.
Escauriaza, Luis 1990 Fabes, Eugene Boundary and Interior Regularity of Gradients of Solutions of Parabolic and Elliptic Problems.
Fang, Ming 2011 Zeitouni, Ofer Studies in One Dimensional Branching Random Walks.
Feng, Hao 2013 Sverak, Vladimir On three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations with axi-symmetric vortex rings as initial vorticity.
Fernandes, Rui 1994 Olver, Peter Completely Integrable Bi-Hamiltonian Systems.
Ferretti, Elisa 2000 Safonov, Mikhail General Properties of Solutions to Second Order Linear Parabolic Equations.
Finnegan, Tim 1989 Garrett, Paul Siegel-Hilbert Modular Forms of LevelOne, Over Fields with Narrow Class NumberOne, Are Theta Series.
Fishel, Susanna 1993 Stanton, Dennis Nonnegativity Results for Generalized q-Binomial Coefficients.
Foldes, Juraj 2009 Polacik, Peter Asymptotic Properties of Positive Solutions of Parabolic Equations and Cooperative Systems with Dirichlet Boundary Data.
Fonseca, Irene 1985 Kinderlehrer, David Variational Methods for Elastic Crystals.
Foursov, Mikhail 1999 Olver, Peter On Integrable Evolution Equations in Commutative and Noncommutative Variables.
Fu, Guosheng 2016 Cockburn, Bernardo Devising superconvergent HDG methods by M-decompositions.
Galbraith, Michael 2004 Gulliver, Robert Geometric Optics, Convex Functions, Carleman Estimates and Interfaces in the Boundary Control of the Wave Equation.
Galovich, Jennifer 1993 White, Dennis Generalizations of Denert's Statistic.
Gantner, Ryan 2006 Gray, Lawrence F Branching Annihilating Random Walks and Their Application to Traffic Flow.
Gao, Wenjie 1988 Fabes, Eugene Boundary Value Problems on Lipschitz Domains for General Elliptic Systems.
Garofalo, Nicola 1987 Fabes, Eugene Unique Continuation Theorems for Second Order Elliptic Equations.
Garrett, Kristina 2001 Stanton, Dennis Lattice Paths and Generalized Rogers-Ramanujan Type Identities.
Garver, Alexander 2016 Musiker, Gregg On the Structure of Oriented Exchange Graphs.
Gau, Huiing (Kristy) 1995 Cockburn, Bernardo Numerical Methods for Conservation Laws of Mixed Type.
Ge, Xiaolin 1993 Fuhrken, Gebhard Some Algorithms in Euclidean Space and Group Representations.
George, Adel 1983 Marden, Albert Some Results on Groups Related to Compact Riemann Surfaces.
Goes Leandro, Eduardo 2001 Moeckel, Richard Bifurcations and Stability of Some Symmetrical Classes of Central Configurations.
Goh, Ryan 2016 Scheel, Arnd Pattern formation in the wake of external mechanisms.
Goodman, Douglas 1981 Reich, Edgar Boundary Correspondence for Extremal Quasiconformal Mappings of the n-gon.
Goodson, Heidi 2016 Brubaker, Benjamin Hypergeometric Functions and Arithmetic Properties of Algebraic Varieties.
Greene, John 1984 Stanton, Dennis CharacterSum, Analogues for Hypergeometric and Generalized Hypergeometric Functions Over Finite Fields.
Griffin, Philip 1982 Pruitt, William On The Growth Of D-Dimensional Random Walk.
Gui, Changfeng 1991 Ni, Wei-Ming On Semilinear Elliptic and Parabolic Equations in Entire Space.
Gunawan, Emily 2016 Musiker, Gregg Combinatorics of Cluster Algebras from surfaces.
Guo, Jong-Shenq 1989 Friedman, Avner Nonlinear Quenching Problem and Free Boundary Problem.
Guo, Xiaoqin 2012 Zeitouni, Ofer Diffusivity and Ballistic Behavior of Random Walk in Random Environment.
Guo, Yung-Jen 1993 Littman, Walter The Null Boundary Controllability for Semilinear Heat Equations.
Hagen, Aaron 1996 Sell, George Hyperbolic Structures of Time Discretizations and the Dependence on the Time Step.
Haile, Haile Kebede 2000 Roberts, Joel Minimal Resolutions and Polynomial Ring Homomorphisms Associated With Three Variable Non-Complete Intersections and/or Numerical Semigroups Generated By Finite Arithmetic Sequences Of Natural Numbers.
Hakim Hashemi, Mehdi 1994 Kahn, Don Functors of the Category of Spaces and Homology.
Hall, Glen 1982 McGehee, Richard On Invariant Sets For Certain Maps Of The Annulus.
Hall, John 2005 Stanton, Dennis/Keynes, Harvey Combinatorial Deformations of the Full Transformation Semigroup.
Han, Youngae 2004 Reitich, Fernando An Efficient Solver for Problems of Scattering.
Hanhart, Alexander 2009 Voronov, Alexander A. Combinatorial Topological Field Theory.
Hardy, Gabor 1987 Orey, Steven/Kallianpur, Gopinath Stochastic Differential Equations in Duals of Nuclear Spaces.
Harrelson, Eric 2006 Voronov, Alexander A The Homology of the Open-Closed Riemann Surface Dioperad and Open-Closed String Topology.
Hatfield, Gary 1994 Olver, Peter Conservation Laws in Anisotropic Elasticity.
Hawthorn, Ian 1990 Berger, Thomas Some Examples and Results in the Theory of Fitting Classes of Finite Groups.
He, Xiaoqing 2013 Ni, Wei-Ming The effects of diffusion and spatial variation in the Lotka-Volterra competition-diffusion system.
Hernandez, Gaston 1983 Aronson, Donald Existence of Solutions of Populations Problems with Nonlinear Diffusion.
Hesse, Robert 1997 McGehee, Richard Computational Algorithms Based on a Variational Approach to Mechanical Systems.
Hiary, Ghaith 2008 Odlyzko, Andrew Fast Methods to Compute the Reiman Zeta Function.
Ho, Chung-I 2011 Li, Tian-Jun Topological methods in symplectic geometry.
Hoffman, John 1994 Fristedt, Bert Invariance Principles, Return Times and Reconstruction Theorems for Random Walks in Random Environments.
Hofmann, Steven 1988 Jodeit, Max Jr Weighted Weak-Type (1, 1) Bounds for Singular Integrals with Non-Smooth Kernel.
Hoft, Thomas 2005 Santosa, Fadil An Inverse Problem in Nondestructive Evaluation of Spotwelds.
Hong, Dug Hun 1990 Orey, Steven Random Walks with Time Stationary Random Distribution Function.
Hou, Suchung 1991 Cockburn, Bernardo A Finite Element Method for Conservation Laws.
Hoyer-Leitzel, Alanna 2014 Moeckel, Richard Bifurcations and Linear Stability of Families of Relative Equilibria With A Dominant Vortex.
Hu, Bei 1990 Friedman, Avner Nonliner Problems in Partial Differential Equations.
Hu, Jifeng 2009 Othmer, Hans G. Mathematical modeling and analysis of in vitro actin filament dynamics and cell blebbing.
Huang, Chaocheng 1995 Friedman, Avner Homogenization Methods in Partial Differential Equations and Modeling Multiphase Materials.
Huang, Hsin-Yuan 2011 Moeckel, Richard B. Variational Methods and the Orbits with Collisions in the N-body Problem.
Huang, Jia 2013 Reiner, Victor 0-Hecke algebra actions on flags, polynomials, and Stanley-Reisner ring.
Hulse, Jennie 1986 Fristedt, Bert A Functional Central Limit Theorem for Random Permutations and Random Mappings.
Huska, Juraj 2006 Polacik, Peter Qualitative Properties of Second Order Parabolic Equations.
Ichikawa, Ryuhei (Drew) 2010 Cockburn, Bernardo Adjoint recovery of superconvergent linear functionals from Galerkin approximations.
Itskov, Vladimir 2002 Olver, Peter Orbit Reduction of Exterior Differential Systems.
Jang, Jaeduck 1991 Ni, Wei-Ming On Spike Solutions of Singularly Perturbed Semilinear Dirichlet Problem.
Jaramillo, Gabriela 2015 Scheel, Arnd Inhomogeneities in Spatially Extended Pattern Forming Systems.
Jia, Hao 2013 Sverak, Vladimir On some regularity problems in the theory of Navier Stokes equation.
Jia, Ning 2007 White, Dennis E. Matroids, Schubert Polynomials and Fibonacci Trees.
Johnson, Gene 1982 Gulliver, Robert On Minimal Isometric Immersions of Riemannian Surfaces Into the Euclidean Four-Sphere.
Johnson, James 1985 McGehee, Richard Some Properties of a Three-Parameter Family of Diffeomorphisms of the Plane, Near a Transcritical Hopf Bifurcation.
Johnson, Steven 1982 Eagon, John Resolutions Of Ideals.
Jolly, Michael 1987 Sell, George Explicit Construction of an Inertial Manifold for a Reaction Diffusion Equation.
Jones, Philip 1995 Baxter, John Asymptotic Potential for Simulated Annealing.
Jung, Yoon Mo 2007 Shen, Jianhong Variational Modeling, Analysis and Computing of Image and Visual Segmentation Problems.
Kang, Kyung Keun 2002 Sverak, Vladimir On Boundary Regularity for the Stokes and Navier-Stokes Equations.
Kang, Minchul 2005 Othmer, Hans Temporal and Spatial Aspects of Calcium Dynamics in Astrocytes.
Karunathilake, Upali 2007 Sverak, Vladimir A Representation Theorem for Certain Solutions to Burger's Equation.
Kenney, Joseph 2009 Olver, Peter J. Evolution of Differential Invariant Signatures and Applications to Shape Recognition.
Khamviwath, Varunyu 2012 Othmer, Hans Directional Sensing and Actin Dynamics in Dictyostelium Discoideum Amoebae.
Killpatrick, Kendra 1998 White, Dennis Recursions for the q-Kostka Polynomials.
Kim, Dae San 1989 Garrett, Paul Galois Symmetric Square L-Functions.
Kim, Christopher 2013 Gulliver, Robert Contracting Convex Torus by its Harmonic Mean Curvature Flow.
Kim, Dongsu 1989 Stanton, Dennis A Combinatorial Approach to Biorthogonal Polynomials.
Kim, Doyoon 2005 Krylov, Nicolai Partial Differential Equations in Sobolev Spaces with or without Weights.
Kim, Ji Hee 2013 Bobkov, Sergey Concentration of Empirical Distribution Functions for Dependent Data under Analytic Hypothese.
Kim, Jun-Seok 2002 Lowengrub, John Modeling and Simulation of Multi-Component, Multi-Phase Fluid Flows.
Kim, Kyeong-Hun 2004 Krylov, Nicolai On Stochastic Partial Differential Equations, with Variable Coefficients in C1 domains.
Kim, Minsu 2014 Mori, Yoichiro, Co-Advisor: Calderer, Carme Thermomechanical Model of Gels.
Kim, Pilwon 2006 Olver, Peter John Invariantization of Numerical Schemes for Differential Equations Using Moving Frames.
Kim, Sangwook 2007 Reiner, Victor Schorr Topology of Diagonal Arrangements and Flag Enumerations of Matroid Base Polytopes.
Kim, Seick 2003 Safonov, Mikhail On the Regularity of Solutions to Second-order Equations and Systems.
Kim, Yang-Jin 2006 Othmer, Hans George Mathmatical Modeling of Cell Movement and Tumor Spheroid Growth in vitro.
Kinney, Jr, William 1996 Moeckel, Richard Oscillations in Singularly Perturbed Systems and the Conley Index.
Koch, Gabriel 2006 Sverak, Vladimir A Liouville Theorem for the Two-Dimensional Navier-Stokes Equations.
Kogan, Irina 2000 Olver, Peter Inductive Approach to Cartan's Moving Frame Method with Applications to Classical Invariant Theory.
Kontovourkis, Michalis 2007 Sverak, Vladimir On Elliptic Equations with Low-regularity Divergence-free Drift Terms and the Stead-state Navier-Stokes Equations in Higher Dimentions.
Koo, Yonghoi 1998 Gulliver, Robert Parabolic Partial Differential Equations and Systems Arising in Differential Geometry and Applications.
Korolev, Alexander 2008 Sverak, Vladimir Large-Distance Asymptotics of Steady-State Incompressible Fluid Flows.
Kovats, Jay 1997 Safonov, Mikhail On the Interior Regularity of Fully Nonlinear Equations and the Dini Condition.
Krioukov, Alexei 1998 Chow, Bennett Kaehler Extensions of Riemannian Manifolds.
Kuang, Jinghua 1992 Garrett, Paul Certain Siegel-Hilbert Modular Forms of Square-Free Levels Are Representable as Theta Series.
Kumanduri, Ramanujachar 1993 Garrett, Paul Euler Factors of Global Integrals.
Kurkcu, Harun 2008 Reitich, Fernando Leiva High-Frequency Scattering by Infinite Rough Surfaces.
Kwak, Minkyu 1991 Sell, George Finite Dimensional Inertial Forms for the 2D Navier-Stokes Equations.
Kwean, Hyukjin 1996 Sell, George Inertial Manifolds for Reaction Diffusion Equations.
Lam, King-Yeung (Adrian) 2011 Ni, Wei-Ming A Semilinear Equation with Large Advection in Population Dynamics.
Lanphier, Dominic 2000 Garrett, Paul Special Values of L-Functions Attached to a Class of Cuspforms on Symplectic Similitude Groups.
Lapic, Stephen 1994 Krylov, Nicolai On the First-Initial Boundary Value Problem for Stochastic Partial Differential Equations.
Larson, Dean 1988 Kahn, Donald The Integral Cohomology Rings of Split Metacyclic Groups.
Lau, Chiping 1984 Nitsche, Johannes The Boundary Behavior of Solutions of Quasilinear Second Order Elliptic Partial Differential Equations Arising from Geometrical Problems.
Le Stum, Bernard 1988 Messing, William Applications of Rigid Cohomology to Arithmetic Geometry.
Lee, Chang Hyeong 2006 Othmer, Hans George Stochastic Analysis of Biochemical Reaction Networks.
Lee, Chengwei (Gary) 1999 Jain, Naresh Some Central Limit Theorem and Large Deviation Results for a Continuous Time Markov Process.
Lee, Jae Hyouk 2004 Leung, Naichung Conan Geometrics Motivated from Normed Algebras.
Lee, Jae-Jin 1990 White, Dennis The Combinatorics of the Spin Characters of the Symmetric Group.
Lee, Jeonghun 2012 Arnold, Douglas Mixed methods with weak symmetry for time dependent problems of elasticity and viscoelasticity.
Lee, Kijung 2004 Krylov, Nicolai Lp Theory of Stochastic Partial Systems.
Lee, Namyong 1998 Sibuya, Yasutaka On the PSD Evolution Model.
Leifeld, Juliann 2016 McGehee, Richard Smooth and Nonsmooth Bifurcations in Welander's Ocean Convection Model.
Leoni, Giovanni 1995 Serrin, James Existence and Asymptotic Stability for Perturbed Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Systems.
Levitt, Tod 1981 Frank, David Framings of Lie Groups which Extend over a Nullcoboridsm.
Leykin, Anton 2003 Lyubeznik, Gennady Algorithms in Computational Algebraic Analysis.
Li, Xu 2013 Krylov, Nicolai On fully nonlinear elliptic and parabolic equations in domains with VMO coefficients.
Li, Yi 1988 Ni, Wei-Ming On Semilinear Elliptic Equations in Rn.
Li, Bo 1996 Luskin, Mitchell Analysis and Computation of Martensitic Microstructure.
Li, Changchun 1994 Messing, William Affine Group Schemes and p-Formal Group Schemes.
Li, Fang 2008 Ni, Wei-Ming Stability from the Point of View of Diffusion, Relaxation and Spatial Inhomogeneity.
Li, Hui 2012 Lewicka, Marta Topics in The Mathematical Theory of Nonlinear Elasticity.
Li, Liping 2012 Webb, Peter A generalized Koszul theory and its applications in representation theory.
Li, Lu 2011 Sverak, Vladimir Two problems in parabolic PDEs.
Li, Xingjie (Helen) 2012 Luskin, Mitchell The Development and Analysis of Atomistic-to-Continuum Coupling Methods.
Liakhova, Julia 1999 Luskin, Mitchell A Theory of Magnetostrictive Thin Films with Applications.
Liao, Jie 1997 Baxter, John Zero-One Laws for Random and Non-Random Environments.
Lin, Chingher 1982 Sibuya, Yasutaka The Sufficiency Of Matkowsky-Condition In The Problem Of Resonance.
Lin, Fang-Hua 1985 Hardt, Robert Regularity for a Class of Parametric Obstacle Problems.
Lin, Hwei-Ting 1991 Weinberger, Hans On the Dynamics of a Model in the Propagation of Genes.
Lin, San-Yih 1987 Luskin, Mitchell Numerical Analysis for Liquid Crystal Problems.
Liou, Liiperng 1996 Chow, Bennett Geometric Flows on Compact Manifolds.
Liu, Baiying 2013 Jiang, Dihua Fourier Coefficients of Automorphic Forms and Arthur Classification.
Liu, Bo 1998 Littman, Walter The Regularity, Exact Boundary Controllability and Stabilization of a Membrane with Strings on General Polygonal Domains.
Liu, Chin-Yueh 2009 Nykamp, Duane Q. A Kinetic Theory Approach to Capturing Interneuronal Correlation in Feed-Forward Networks.
Liu, Wenxiong 1992 Friedman, Avner Blowup Problems of Semilinear Heat Equations.
Liu, Yang 2011 Mori, Yoichiro Convergence Analysis of the Immersed Boundary Method.
Liu, Yong 1996 Friedman, Avner Free Boundary Problems of Variational Type.
Liu, Gang 2013 Wang, Jiaping On manifolds with Ricci curvature lower bound and Kahler manifolds with nonpositive bisectional curvature.
Lomeli-Ortega, Hector 2015 McGehee, Richard Exact Symplectic Twist Maps in Higher Dimensions.
Lopez, Alejandro 2015 Lyubeznik, Gennady Homological Algebra for Graded-Commutative Rings.
Lou, Yuan 1995 Ni, Wei-Ming Diffusion, Self-Diffusion and Cross-Diffusion.
Lui, Roger Yin Man 1981 Weinberger, Hans A Nonlinear Integral Equation Arising From A Model In Population Genetics.
Luo, Chong 2010 Calderer, Carme Modeling, Analysis and Numerical Simulation of Liquid Crystal Elastomer.
Luo, Jun 2007 Krylov, Nicolai V. On the Rate of Convergence of the Finite-Difference Approximations for Parabolic Bellman Equations with Constant Coefficients.
Ma, Jin 1992 Jain, Naresh Topics on Singular Stochastic Control and Related Stochastic Differential Equations.
Ma, Ling 1991 Luskin, Mitchell Analysis and Computation for a Variational Problem in Micromagnetics.
Mahajan, Deepa 2007 Reitich, Fernando Leiva and Cockburn, Bernardo Boundary-Conforming Discontinuous Galerkin Methods via Extension from Subdomains.
Maier, Helmut 1981 Richards, J. (Jonathan) Ian Some Results On Prime Numbers Based On The Application Of Sieve Theory.
Mak, Cheuk Yu 2016 Li, Tian-Jun Rigidity of symplectic fillings, symplectic divisors and Dehn twist exact sequences.
March, Peter 1983 Orey, Steven Fatou's Theorem for Harmonic Functions of Two-Dimensional Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Processes.
Mari Beffa, Gloria 1991 Conn, Jack Poisson Geometry of the Virasoro Algebra.
Marin-Malave, Santiago 1990 Fabes, Eugene Fatou Theorems for Some Nonlinear Elliptic Partial Differential Equations.
Martinez, Salome 2000 Ni, Wei-Ming The Effects of Diffusion and Cross-Diffusion for the 3 x 3 Lotka-Volterra Competition System.
Matos, Joao 1991 Kinderlehrer, David Some Mathematical Methods of Mechanics.
Maxwell, Molly 2007 Reiner, Victor Schorr Enumerating Self-Dual Spanning Trees and Self-Dual Matroid Bases.
McConville, Thomas 2015 Pylyavskyy, Pavlo Biclosed sets in Combinatorics.
McDonell III, Charles 1996 Goldman, Jay A Combinatorial Model for the HOMFLY Polynomial.
McIntyre, Stephen 2015 Mori, Yoichiro & Talkachova, Alena Understanding and analyzing APD alternans.
McLeod, Kevin 1984 Serrin, James Uniqueness of Positive Radial Solutions of Semi-Linear Elliptic Equations in n-space.
Melbourne, James 2015 Bobkov, Sergey Convex Measures and Associated Geometric and Functional Inequalities.
Merev, Ivan 2010 Cockburn, Bernardo A Posteriori Error Estimates for Time-Dependent Hamilton-Jacobi Equations.
Merkel, John 1995 Moeckel, Richard Morse Theory and Central Configurations in the Spatial N-Body Problem.
Micek, Catherine 2010 Calderer, Carme Volume Transitions in Gels With Biomedical Applications: Mechanics and Electrodiffusion.
Miller, Alexander 2013 Reiner, Victor Reflection arrangements and ribbon representations.
Mitrea, Dorina 1996 Fabes, Eugene Layer Potential Operators and Boundary Value Problems for Differential Forms on Lipschitz Domains.
Mitrea, Irina 2000 Safonov, Mikhail and Kenig, Carlos Spectral Properties of Elliptic Layer Potentials on Non-smooth Domains.
Moniri, Mojtaba 1994 Prikry, Karel Models of Open Induction and Generalized Power Series.
Moreles, Miguel 1995 Littman, Walter Uniform Null Controllability for the Beam Equations of Rayleigh and Timoshenko.
Moulton, Jeffrey 2016 Lerman, Gilad Robust Fragmentation: A Data-Driven Approach to Decision-Making Under Distributional Ambiguity.
Murillo, Roberto 1994 Olver, Peter J. Cartan's Equivalence Method and an Application to Second Order Evolution Equations.
Naughton, Gerard 1999 Jodeit, Max Symmetric Orthogonal Wavelets.
Nelson, Gail 1988 Fabes, Eugene Bounds for the Fundamental Solutions of Degenerate Parabolic Partial Differential Equations.
Nerurkar, Mahesh 1982 Keynes, Harvey Generic Theorems for Lifting Dynamical Properties in the Class of Continuous Cocycles.
Nichols, Preston 1995 Gulliver, Robert Minimizing p-Harmonic Maps into Projective Space.
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