Samuel Albert

School of Mathematics

Alumni Info

PhD Awarded: 
Cockburn, Bernardo
PhD Thesis: 
A Posteriori Error Estimation for Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equations.
Last Known Institution: 

Barclays Investment Bank, New York, NY


Quant, Barclays Investment Bank, New York, NY, 2008-present
Vice President, Lehman Brothers/Barclays Capital, New York, NY, 2007-2008
Quant, Lehman Brothers, New York, NY, 2007-2008
Head Quant, Risk Val Financial Solutions, New York, NY,2005-2007
Director of Research, Rates Platform, Black River Asset Management, Minnetonka, MN & New York, NY, 2001-2005
Research Analyst, Interactive Data, New York, NY 2000-2001