Yamabe Memorial Symposium: Geometry and Analysis

September 20 - 22, 2002

Confirmed Speakers

Hubert BrayMIT
Ben ChowUniversity of California at San Diego
Richard HamiltonColumbia University
Peter LiUniversity of California at Irvine
Fang-Hua LinCourant Institute, NYU
Richard SchoenStanford University
Gang TianMIT
Brian WhiteStanford University

Conference Schedule

Friday, September 20thSaturday, September 21stSunday, September 22nd
2:30pm - Registration and refreshments 120 VinH9:30am - Fang-Hua Lin9:30am - Ben Chow
3:00pm - Welcome10:30am - Group Photo10:30am - Coffee break
3:05pm - Richard Shoen10:40am - Cofee break11:00am - Richard Hamilton
4:05pm - Coffee break11:10am - Brian White
4:30pm - Hubert Bray12:10pm - Lunch
2:30pm - Peter Li
4:05pm - Coffee break
4:30pm - Gang Tian
6:30pm - Symposium banquet at Chan's Seafood Restaurant

Transit and Maps

From the airport: When you arrive head down to the floor under the baggage pickup, and follow the signs to the light rail. Take the tram, go down two escalators to the ticket machine. Buy a ticket ($1.75 or $2.25 - exact change not needed). Take the BLUE LINE toward Mpls-Target Field to the DOWNTOWN EAST station. At the DOWNTOWN EAST station, transfer to the GREEN LINE toward St. Paul-Union Depot. For Vincent Hall or the Commons Hotel, get off at the EAST BANK station (two stops). The Commons Hotel is a 1/2 block beyond the station on the left. For Days Inn, get off at the STADIUM VILLAGE station (three stops) and cross University Ave to the northerly side and walk east for a block or so.

Participant List

NameEmail Address
Peter Li pli-at-math.uci.edu
Richard Hamiltonhamilton-at-math.uci.edu
Ben Chow benchow-at-math.ucsd.edu
Fang-Hua Lin lin-at-cims.nyu.edu
Gang Tian tian-at-math.mit.edu
Richard Schoenschoen-at-math.stanford.edu
Brian White white-at-math.Stanford.EDU
Hugh Bray bray-at-math.mit.edu
Lei Ni lni-at-math.ucsd.edu
Gordon Craig gcraig-at-math.sunysb.edu
David Glickensteinglicken-at-math.ucsd.edu
Michael Galbraith galbrait-at-math.umn.edu
Kwan-hang Lam klam-at-math.uci.edu
Mohameden Ould Ahmedou ahmedou-at-math.uni-bonn.de
Kenneth Chung-kan Chuchu-at-math.utah.edu
Doug Arnold arnold-at-ima.umn.edu
Zheng Huanghuangz-at-rice.edu
Zhiqin Lu lu-at-math.uci.edu
Richard Mikula mikula-at-math.rutgers.edu
Xiaofeng Sun xsun-at-math.uci.edu
Scot Adamsadams-at-math.umn.edu
Joe Fu fu-at-math.uga.edu
Shu-Yu Hsu sjhsu-at-math.umn.edu
Ailana M. Fraser afraser-at-math.ubc.ca
Chad Mullikin fu-at-math.uga.edu
Marek Szapiel szapiel-at-math.utk.edu
George U. Brauer brauer-at-math.umn.edu
Kuerak Chung krchung-at-math.umn.edu
Andrejs Treibergstreiberg-at-math.utah.edu
Xiaowei Wang xiaowei-at-math.harvard.edu
Yu Yuan yuan-at-math.washington.edu
Mu-Tao Wang mtwang-at-math.columbia.edu
Huai-Dong Cao hcao-at-ipam.ucla.edu
Blake Boursaw boursaw-at-math.umn.edu
Lei Zhang lzhang-at-math.tamu.edu
Tom Ilmanen ilmanen-at-math.ethz.ch
Jaigyoung Choe choe-at-math.snu.ac.kr
Vincent Bonini vbonini-at-math.ucsc.edu
Sun-Sig Byun byun-at-math.uiowa.edu
Simon Brendle brendle-at-math.princeton.edu
Dimiter Vassilevdvassil-at-uark.edu
Leon Green green-at-math.umn.edu
Richard Wentworthwentworth-at-jhu.edu
Heberto Del Rio heberto-at-cimat.mx
Mario Listing listing-at-mathematik.uni-leipzig.de
John Loftin loftin-at-math.columbia.edu
John McCuanmccuan-at-math.gatech.edu
Ismail Ali taqi-at-mcs.sci.kuniv.edu.kw
Yiu-Ming Lo ylo-at-math.uci.edu
Wenliang Zhang wlzhang-at-math.umn.edu
Marcus Khuri khuri-at-math.upenn.edu
Markus Keel keel-at-math.umn.edu
Simon Morgan morgan-at-math.umn.edu
Roberto Memoli memoli-at-ece.umn.edu
Al Marden am-at-math.umn.edu
S. J. Drouilhet galois-at-mnstate.edu
Chiung-ju Liu chiungjl-at-uci.edu
Shihshu Walter Wei wwei-at-ou.edu
Shengli Kong shkong-at-lynx.neu.edu
David Holcman holcman-at-phy.ucsf.edu
Djordje Gluhovic djordje_gluhovic-at-retek.com
Xiong Xiu xiu-at-math.wisc.edu
Wenliang Zhang wlzhang-at-math.umn.edu
Jae-Hyouk Lee jhlee-at-math.umn.edu
Kin Ming Hui kmhui-at-math.umn.edu
Jeremy Bellay bellay-at-math.umn.edu
Alexander Korolev korolev-at-math.umn.edu
Mao-Pei Tsui tsui-at-math.columbia.edu
Jung Rno Jung.Rno-at-uc.edu
Mikhail Safonov safonov-at-math.umn.edu
Dan Knopf dknopf-at-math.uiowa.edu
Tian-Jun Li tjli-at-math.umn.edu
Jiaping Wang jiaping-at-math.umn.edu
Naichung Conan Leung leung-at-math.umn.edu
Bob Gulliver gulliver-at-math.umn.edu