Courses with Special Registration

Registering for a University of Minnesota Course for the First Time But Not Admitted to a Degree Program

If you are taking an undergraduate course at the University of Minnesota and are not a student in a degree-seeking program at the U of M, you are considered a "non-degree" student and you are assigned to the College of Continuing & Professional Studies.

The registation queue for Fall Semester 2021 for students admitted to degree and certificate programs opens on April 12, 2021; for non-degree students and visiting students on April 30, 2021. Registration for Summer Session 2021 starts February 25, 2021. 

Specific instructions on how to register as a non-degree student can be found at the College of Continuing & Professional Education website

  • Math Courses are administered by the Undergraduate Office of the School of Mathematics. Questions regarding course prerequisites and entrance into closed sections of Math courses should be directed to the Math Undergraduate Office via email (see email address in sidebar).

Math Courses with Priority or Restricted Registration

MATH 1241 Calculus for Biology - offered only Fall semesters

MATH 2241 Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems - offered only Spring semesters

Registration restricted to CBS students. CBS students: be sure to check with your college advisor to make sure whether or not this course meets your specific program requirements. Questions regarding this course should be sent via email the Undergraduate Mathematics Office (see email address in sidebar).

CSE Calculus Courses

MATH 1371, 1372, 2373, 2374 have priority seating for:

  • CSE students (students who have at least one current program in CSE)
  • If space permits, students who have previously completed or are currently enrolled (Spring 2020) in a CSE Calculus MAY be considered for registration permission.

If you don't meet any of these requirements, you should register for one of the equivalent courses:

  • Math 1271 (Calculus I)
  • Math 1272 (Calculus II)
  • Math 2243 (Linear Algebra & Differential Equations)
  • Math 2263 (Multivariable Calculus)

After the first day of Spring semester 2021 classes, non-CSE students who have the prerequisite course work completed can contact regarding possible entrance into CSE Calculus courses. See "Procedure" to request permission to enter a closed math class and for the information which needs to be included in that request. Because of high demand for these courses, permission for entrance may be unlikely.

Honors Math Courses

Lower Level Honors Math Courses (1571H, 1572H, 2573H, 3592H)

  • UHP students should contact their UHP Advisor
  • Non-UHP students should contact: The UHP Office 390 Northrop or for permission procedures.

Upper Level Math Courses (Math 5285H, 5345H, 5615H)

Contact the Math Undergraduate Office at


Who will always need to ask permission to register?

  • Any student who is not a math honors student (including graduate students)
  • Any student including a math honors student who is taking a 5xxx level honors math course for the first time

How is registration permission requested for upper level honors courses?

Follow the same procedures as outlined above for requesting entrance into a closed math class.

How are requests processed?
Due to the difficulty of these courses, transcripts will be run and an evaluation will be made by a Math faculty adviser concerning the student's readiness for the honors math course requested. Thus, an immediate response is not possible.

CLA Capstone/Senior Project, Directed Reading, Directed Study, and Special Projects

  • Capstone Registration: A section of MATH 4995/4997W will be created for you and your capstone advisor. The UG Math office will notify you to which section of the capstone course you should register. You must be registered for the course in order to earn credit. Be aware of registration deadlines to add a course. Email with the following information:
    • UMN Student ID
    • Identify if you are doing the non-writing intensive MATH 4995 or the writing intensive MATH 4997W
    • forward capstone advisor's email showing agreement to work with you
  • For MATH 4992 or 4993, students must use the Directed Research/Directed Study contract.
  • For Math 4991 (CPT course registration), students need to email to obtain the permissions process.

8XXX Level Math Courses

Questions regarding entrance into regular term 80xx-88xx level Math courses should be directed by email to: .