Transfer in the homology and cohomology of categories

Peter Webb
University of Minnesota
Monday, September 16, 2019 - 2:30pm to 3:30pm
Ford Hall 110

The cohomology of a category has many properties that extend those that are familiar when the category is a group. Second cohomology classifies equivalence classes of category extensions, first cohomology parametrizes conjugacy classes of splittings, first homology is the abelianization of the fundamental group, and second homology has a theory that extends that of the Schur multiplier. Defining restriction and corestriction maps on the homology of categories is problematic: most attempts to do this require induction and restriction functors to be adjoint on both sides, and this typically does not happen with categories. We describe an approach to defining these maps that includes all the situations where they can be defined in group cohomology, at least when the coefficient ring is a field. The approach uses bisets for categories, the construction by Bouc and Keller of a map on Hochschild homology associated to a bimodule, and the realization by Xu of category cohomology as a summand of Hochschild cohomology.