Smooth 4-manifolds and the geometry of 3-manifolds

Matthew Stoffregen
Monday, January 27, 2020 - 2:30pm to 3:30pm
Vincent Hall 311

One of the interests of low-dimensional topologists is
understanding which smooth 4-manifolds can bound a given 3-manifold, or,
as a special case, understanding the set of 3-manifolds up to so-called
homology cobordism (to be defined in the talk). This question turns out
to have applications to the study of triangulations of high-dimensional
manifolds, and is a natural proving ground for Floer-theoretic
techniques of studying 3-manifolds. In this talk, we will give some
structure theorems about the homology cobordism group, and show that
there are three-manifolds that are very far from having any of the seven
non-hyperbolic Thurston geometries. This talk includes joint work with
I. Dai, K. Hendricks, J. Hom, L. Truong, and I. Zemke.