Separable elements and splittings of Weyl groups

Yibo Gao
Friday, February 21, 2020 - 3:35pm to 4:25pm
Vincent Hall 570

We introduce separable elements in finite Weyl groups, generalizing the well-studied class of separable permutations. They enjoy nice properties in the weak Bruhat order, enumerate faces of the graph associahedron of the corresponding Dynkin diagrams, and can be characterized by pattern avoidance in the sense of Billey and Postnikov. We then prove that the multiplication map W/V×V?WW/V×V?W for a generalized quotient of the symmetric group is always surjective when V is a principal order ideal, providing the first combinatorial proof of an inequality due originally to Sidorenko in 1991, answering an open problem of Morales, Pak, and Panova. We show that this multiplication map is a bijection if and only if V is an order ideal in the right weak order generated by a separable element, answering an open question of Björner and Wachs in 1988. This is joint work with Christian Gaetz.