Mathematical foundations of slender body theory

Laurel Ohm
Monday, March 30, 2020 - 3:35pm to 4:25pm
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Slender body theory (SBT) facilitates computational simulations of thin filaments in a 3D viscous fluid by approximating the hydrodynamic effect of each fiber as the flow due to a line force density along a 1D curve. Despite the popularity of SBT in computational models, there had been no rigorous analysis of the error in using SBT to approximate the interaction of a thin fiber with fluid. In this talk, we develop a PDE framework for analyzing the error introduced by this approximation. In particular, given a 1D force along the fiber centerline, we define a notion of ‘true’ solution to the full 3D slender body problem and obtain an error estimate for SBT in terms of the fiber radius. This places slender body theory on firm theoretical footing. We also present similar estimates in case of free-ended and rigid filaments.