Equilibration of aggregation-diffusion equations with weak interaction forces

Ruiwen Shu
University of Maryland
Monday, March 2, 2020 - 3:35pm to 4:35pm
Vincent Hall 311

I will talk about the large time behavior of aggregation-diffusion equations. For one spatial dimension with certain assumptions on the interaction potential, the diffusion index $m$, and the initial data, we prove the convergence to the unique steady state as time goes to infinity (equilibration), with an explicit algebraic rate. The proof is based on a uniform-in-time bound on the first moment of the density distribution, combined with an energy dissipation rate estimate. This is the first result on the equilibration of aggregation-diffusion equations for a general class of weakly confining potentials $W(r)$: those satisfying $\lim_{r\rightarrow\infty}W(r)<\infty$.