Housing and Transit

S4 Conference Housing and Transit

Holiday Inn Metrodome
1500 Washington Ave S.,
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55454
Phone: (612) 333-4646 Fax: (612) 333-7910
For Reservations only: 1-800-448-DOME(3663)

Online Hotel Reservation for S4 or mention the S4 conference when making the hotel reservation to get the conference rate.

If attendees wish to extend your stay outside of these dates, they will need to book a separate reservation on the Web site or contact the Holiday Inn Minneapolis Metrodome directly.

Shuttle service to the conference will be available. It is a roughly 20 minute walk from this hotel to Vincent Hall.

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Directions to Hotel and Math Department from Minneapolis St. Paul Airport

To get between the Airport in Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota, it is possible to take an airport shuttle (approx $15), a taxi (approx $30) or Public transportation (approximately $2.) Depending on when you travel, it is probably easiest to take public transport from the airport to the hotel. The following is a description of how to do this trip from the airport. The description makes the trip look much more difficult than it is since it is written in (possibly annoying) detail.

Taking Public Transport from the Airport to the Hotel or Conference

The trip from airport to hotel involves a 20 minute train ride followed by a short bus ride. Even when the roads are clear of traffic, the following public transport is almost certainly faster than taking an airport shuttle.

From Baggage Claim to Lindberg Terminal Light Rail Train Station

  1. From the baggage claim level of the airport (one level lower than the arrival level) go down one more level still and follow the signs to the Tram. (This Tram will take you to the transit center. The transit center is the location of the light rail station.)
  2. Get on the Tram. It goes in one direction only and does not take long.
  3. When the tram stops you should get off, because you are in the transit center. Follow signs to the light rail station. Go down one floor and buy your ticket from one of the vending machines (it will be either $1.75 or $2.25, depending on whether you are traveling in rush hour or not.)
  4. After you purchase a transit ticket, go down one more floor to the train platform and wait on the side marked "to Minneapolis".

Light-Rail and Bus to the Hotel

  1. Get on the light-rail train and take it for about 20 minutes to the stop marked "Downtown East/Metrodome". Your ticket does not need to be punched or turned into anyone, but hold onto it as you will need it for the duration of your trip to the hotel.
  2. When you get off the train at the Downtown East/Metrodome station, walk to the bus stop which is located at 4th Street and Chicago Avenue. This walk should take less than 30 seconds - the bus stop is very close to the back of the train you just got off. You will be taking a bus going in the east direction, so wait on the train station's side of 4th street. (East is the direction away from the tall buildings of downtown which you see on one side of you).
  3. Take the #3 bus route, heading east towards of St. Paul. The ticket you had for the train is valid for this ride too. Take the bus for about 3 minutes. The bus will drive go up an exit ramp for Cedar Ave, then go down on entrance ramp for the bus stop. Exit at the intersection of Washington Avenue (which you will be riding along) and Cedar Avenue.

Note that if you are coming directly to the conference from the airport, you take the route 16 or 50 and get off the bus as soon as you cross the bridge on Washington Avenue. (The stop is in front of Coffman Union, and both the 50-s and the 16 bus routes stop here.)


Ground Transportation from MSP airport

Twin Cities' Metro Transit - Route 16 and route 50 express can get you between downtown Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota (#16 goes further to downtown St. Paul).


Vincent Hall neighborhood map

Driving directions to the Minneapolis Campus

Full maps of the Minneapolis and St. Paul Campuses

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