Abstracts for Rivière-Fabes Symposium on Analysis and PDE

April 20-22, 2012

All talks in Vincent Hall 16

Antonio Còrdoba

Lecture 1 - Singular Integrals in Fluid Mechanics: Blow up of solutions for a transport equation; Interface evolution: The Muskat and Hele-Shaw problem

Abstract 1: Some new estimates for classical Singular Integrals will be introduced, discussing their applications to several problems in Fluid Mechanics.

Panagiotis Souganidis

Lecture 1 - Stochastic homogenization

Abstract 1: In these talks I will describe recent advances to the theory of homogenization of first- and second-order partial differential equations set in general stationary ergodic environments.

Thomas Alazard

Lecture 1 - On the Cauchy problem for the water-waves equations

Abstract 1: The water-waves problem consists in describing the motion, under the influence of gravity, of a fluid occupying a domain delimited below by a fixed bottom and above by a free surface. We consider the Cauchy theory for low regularity solutions. In terms of Sobolev embeddings, the initial surfaces we consider turn out to be only of C3/2 class and consequently have unbounded curvature. Furthermore, no regularity assumption is assumed on the bottom. We also take benefit from an elementary observation to solve a question raised by Boussinesq on the water-wave equations in a canal.

Giuseppe Mingione

Lecture 1 - Linear and nonlinear Calderon-Zygmund theories

Abstract 1: Calderon-Zygmund theory deals with a fundamental problem in the theory of partial differential equations of elliptic and parabolic type: given a certain PDE, can we determine, in a possibly sharp way, the regularity and, especially, the integrability properties of the solution in terms of those of the assigned datum? In the linear case sharp answers are related to the theory of singular integrals, whose fundamentals have been established in the multidimensional case by Calderon and Zygmund more that fifty years ago. Recent years have witnessed a considerable activity towards establishing a series of analogous results for nonlinear equations, up to the stage that it appears to be possible to think about a nonlinear Calderon-Zygmund theory. I will give a survey of such results up to a few recent developments.

Gabriella Tarantello

Lecture 1 - Liouville–type systems in the study of non-topological solutions in Chern Simons theory

Abstract 1: We discuss elliptic systems of Liouville type in presence of singular sources, as derived from the study of non-abelian (selfdual) Chern-Simons vortices. We shall focus on the search of the so called non-topological vortex configurations. We present some known results and discuss many of the still open questions.

Rachel Ward

Lecture 1 - Strengthened Sobolev inequalities for a random subspace of functions

Abstract 1: We introduce some Sobolev inequalities for functions on the unit cube satisfying a random collection of linear constraints. We then explain how these inequalities provide near-optimal guarantees for accurate image recovery from under-sampled measurements using total variation minimization, with applications to medical imaging. We finish by discussing several open problems.