xingjie (Helen) Li
March 21, 2019

Xingjie Li (Minnesota Ph.D. 2012 under the guidance of Prof. Mitchell Luskin) has been awarded an NSF CAREER grant for her project on "CAREER: A Multiscale Framework for Crystalline Defects in 2-Dimensional Materials."

The project aims to develop constitutive mathematical models and computational tools to provide a fundamental understanding of defect mechanisms and their influence on two-dimensional materials which have revolutionized many fields in materials science and nanotechnology. This is a cross-discipline project whose purpose is to bridge the computational and theoretical gaps to meet the modeling demands. The educational goal of this project is to motivate the next generation of students to participate in STEM study and to seek a STEM career. 

Xingjie Li is now an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at University of North Carolina, Charlotte.