The 52nd Midwest PDE Conference

November 15 - 16, 2003
School of Mathematics, University of Minnesota

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John LewisKentucky
Yi LiIowa
Igor RodnianskiPrinceton/IAS
Mikhail SafonovMinnesota
Sylvia SerfatyCourant
Gieri SimonettVanderbilt
Daniel Tataru UC Berkeley
Kevin ZumbrunIndiana


Saturday, November 15th
9:00-10:00 AM: Registration and Coffee/Refreshments
10:00-11:00AM: Sylvia Sefaty (Courant)A deterministic control-based approach to motion by mean curvature.
11:30-12:30PM: Gieri Simonett (Vanderbilt)Motion of Surfaces by Curvature
Lunch Break
2:00-3:00PM: Igor Rodnianski (Princeton)On small data critical regularity for the Maxwell-Klein-Gordon equation.
3:15-4:15PM: John Lewis (Kentucky)Symmetry Theorems and Uniform Rectifiability
Coffee Break
4:45-5:45PM: Yi LiRenomalized Group Technique and its applications in some nonlinear parabolic Systems with Critical Nonlinearity.
6:30PM: Conference DinnerSawatdee, 607 Washington Ave. Minneapolis, MN 612-338-6451
Sunday, November 16th
8:30-9:00AM: Coffee
9:00-10:00AM: Mikhail Safonov (Minnesota)Covering lemmas and general properties of solutions to second-order elliptic and parabolic equations.
10:00-10:25AM: Coffee Break
10:25-11:25AM: Kevin Zumbrun (Indiana)Hyperbolic—parabolic evolution systems and stability of viscous shock waves
11:30-12:30PM: Daniel Tataru (Berkeley)Dispersive estimates for principally normal operators and applications

Organizers: M. Keel, N. Krylov, W. Littman, P. Polacik, V. Sverak

Conference Management: H. Singh, K. Swedell
Website: R. Dragan
Support: NSF (Including the Midwest PDE grant); Sloan Foundation; University of Minnesota, School of Mathematics