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Fundamentals of Quantitative Finance (FQF) Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

FQF Course Sequence

We offer a post-baccalaureate certificate entitled Fundamentals of Quantitative Finance (FQF). The FQF offers students a refresher on key mathematical concepts that are crucial to understanding the more advanced work done in traditional Master of Financial Mathematics (MFM) and Financial Engineering programs, including the Master of Financial Mathematics (MFM) program at the University of Minnesota's School of Mathematics. The FQF is a 14 credit certificate and has two four and two three-credit required courses:

FM 5001 - Preparation for Financial Mathematics I
FM 5002 - Preparation for Financial Mathematics II

FM 5091 - Computation, Algorithms, and Coding in Finance I
FM 5092 - Computation, Algorithms, and Coding in Finance II

FQF Admission Requirements

For admission requirements for FQF, visit the Admission Requirements/Application Process website.