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Fundamentals of Quantitative Finance (FQF) Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

FQF Course Sequence

Fundamentals of Quantitative Finance (FQF) is a post-baccalaureate graduate certificate. The FQF offers students a refresher on key mathematical concepts that are crucial to understanding the more advanced coursework in School of Mathematics Master of Financial Mathematics (MFM) program.  As a graduate student in the FQF you will enter the program at the same time as the MFM students, receive the same career development support and be engaged in all the graduate financial mathematics student activities.

FQF - Possible Entry Channel into MFM: By taking the FQF post baccalaureate coursework and completing your certification, you may apply to the MFM program. If you are accepted into the MFM, your FQF credits from FM 5091-92 will be applied to your MFM degree.  If you plan to be a full time MFM student, this could help you to potentially finish the MFM program within the standard two-year time frame.

The FQF is a 14 credit certificate and has two four and two three-credit required courses:

FM 5001 - Preparation for Financial Mathematics I
FM 5002 - Preparation for Financial Mathematics II

FM 5091 - Computation, Algorithms, and Coding in Finance I
FM 5092 - Computation, Algorithms, and Coding in Finance II

FQF Admission Requirements

For admission requirements for FQF, visit the Admission Requirements/Application Process website.