Actuarial Curriculum

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Courses: Required classes for a Major in Mathematics with an Actuarial Specialization

I. Lower Division:

II. Upper Division Math:

III. Validation by Educational Equivalent (VEE) Classes:

As part of the Professional Actuarial track, the Society of Actuaries and the Casualty Actuarial Society requires that these VEE topics have to be studied by taking courses at an approved university (like the University of Minnesota). VEE credits are granted ONLY if the required courses are passed with a grade of "B-" or higher.

IV. Insurance classes:

Choose two out of the following four courses:

V. Math 4067W Actuarial Mathematics in Practice (recommended):

In this unique course students learn to integrate knowledge and skills from various disciplines and apply them to solve real world problems from various actuarial segments. This Writing Intensive course consists of three five-week modules led by practicing actuaries. The course's setting mimics a business environment, where students learn a variety of problem solving techniques for uncertain scenarios, are presented with problems and are asked to make decisions or recommendations based on a series of assumptions. Students also learn to enhance their communication and interpersonal/teamwork skills by working in teams and presenting their results to the practitioner actuaries leading the modules as well as to other students who participate in the course.

This course satisifies the upper-division writing intensive requirement, but not the upper-division math requirement.

Sample Schedule for CSE Mathematics Major with Actuarial Specialization (excluding University of Minnesota Liberal Education and Writing Intensive requirements)

(CLA students substitute the two physics courses with four semesters of a foreign language, and MATH 4997W instead of MATH 5075 & 5076)

Year\Term Fall Spring Summer
Freshman MATH 1271 or 1371
PHYS 1301W
ECON 1101
MATH 1272 or 1372
PHYS 1302W
CSCI 1113 or 1103
ECON 1102 
Sophomore MATH 2243 or 2373
MATH 4065
ACCT 2050 
CSCI 1103, or 1113
MATH 2263 or 2374
MATH 3283W
FINA 3001 
Option 1 : INS I + II or 
Option 2 : only INS I
Study for Exam FM 
Take Exam FM 
Internship / Involvement / Activity
Junior MATH 5651 
MATH 4242 
FINA 4221
Option 2 : INS II
MATH 5652 
MATH Column X Algebra 
MATH 4067W
ECON 3101 
Study for Exam P 
Take Exam P 
Actuarial Internship 
Senior MATH 5067 
MATH 5075 
ECON 4261 
MATH 5068 
MATH 5076
Study for Exam MLC 
Take Exam MLC