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Career Development & Placement

Career Development for MCFAM Students


Every fall semester MCFAM participates in career workshops sponsored by the Actuary Club and the Financial Mathematics Student Association (FMA) in time for the fall employer recruiting season. Whether you are seeking an internship a full time or part time job or an actuarial or financial mathematics project, you will learn critical techniques to help (1) position yourself well through resume writing sessions (2) prepare for job and internship interviews and career fairs (3) learn the many facets of networking-the most important part of any internship or job search.

Online MCFAM Career Advantage Moodle Site

The site has been developed so that all students can use this organized career development resource at their own pace. This site was designed specifically for MCFAM Undergraduate Actuarial students and Master of Financial Mathematics (MFM) students, the only ones who can access the site.

Customized, One-on-One Career Advising

Once students join our program they get access to our career development coaching. MCFAM career advisers get to know you and help you create  your own unique career development path.  You can ask for appointments for general support and on a variety of topics ranging from resume enhancement, to mock interviews, specific networking techniques and other topics that will help you achieve your own specific career goals. 

Career Fairs, Industry-Related Lectures and Professional Networking Events

MCFAM students attend many special career events and lectures sponsored by MCFAM, the Actuary Club and the Financial Mathematics Student Association (FMA). At these events, students meet professionals in a broad range of sectors within the actuarial and quantitative finance fields. The events vary from actuarial and quant finance career fairs and networking events to weekly MCFAM Seminars, MCFAM Distinguished Lectures and regular Actuary Club and the FMA meetings with guest industry speakers and site visits to local and regional companies.

Mentorship between Alumni and Current Students

From formal actuarial and MFM mentoring programs to more informal situations alumni stay involved in MCFAM. They recruit, speak at club meetings and seminars, attend networking events and sometimes teach courses. This connection between creates a strong bond and helps new generations of students benefit from those who have come before them.

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Career Workshops

Career Services

Actuarial Career Fair

Quant Finance and Statistics Career Fair


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