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Optional Additional Coursework & Minors

As an MFM student taking additional courses and/or getting a minor are options, but are not required to receive your MFM. You do not need to decide at the beginning of your MFM if you will be taking additional courses or getting a minor. However you must make that decision and include it in your degree completion plan at least nine months before you graduate. The list below outlines the departments and subject areas where MFM students have been approved to take additional courses and/or talk with that department about pursuing a minor.

IMPORTANT: To receive a minor degree in any of the areas listed below, you need to get the approval of the department/program that offers the minor, to make sure that the courses you have chosen satisfy the specific minor's requirement.

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There are a lot of opportunities to learn knowledge beyond just the coursework, such as getting involved in several trading competitions, winter workshops, and academic seminars.