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Making an earmarked contribution in support of Mathematics is a superb way to enhance the Department's tradition of excellence in research, education, and service. Your gift will make a tremendous difference in the lives of students and faculty, the broader campus community, and the profession.

Mathematics plays an ever more essential role in our global society. Mathematical theories and algorithms form the bedrock of modern science, engineering and technology, including computers and the internet, and are now indispensable to biology, medicine and agriculture; economics, finance and insurance; industry, defense and security; and even sports and entertainment. Today's careers are increasingly driven by excellence in Mathematics and quantitative skills. Thus, your gift to Mathematics also becomes an investment in the future of the State of Minnesota, the U.S., and the world at large.

There are many ways to give! You can contribute to the department's general fund, a named fund, or you can even create your own fund. Estate gifts allow you to create a lasting legacy; there are many ways to give which do not deplete needed income. Please contact the External Relations OfficerEmily Strand, 612-625-6798, for questions and inquiries concerning your interest in current or future giving.

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Math General Fund – to support activities of the School of Mathematics and for scholarships

Christofferson Undergraduate Scholarship – to provide scholarships for highly qualified women undergraduate students in Mathematics.

Ella Thorp Scholarship

Prof. Hans H Dalaker Fund in Mathematics

Hans G. and Sophie L. Othmer Scholarship – for outstanding undergraduate Mathematics students from Minnesota and first-generation college students (new in 2015).

Isaac Benjamin Segal Scholarship – for an undergraduate Mathematics research project student, in memory of Isaac Benjamin Segal, BS-Mathematics (new in 2015).

J. Ian Richards Scholarship – in memory of former Mathematics Prof. Ian Richards

Professor Mark I. Gilquist Undergraduate Scholarship – to provide scholarships for students with the Mathematics Education specialization (new in 2015).

Maximillian Lando Scholarship

William L. Hart Scholarship – in memory of former Mathematics Prof. William Hart

Find out more about Undergraduate Scholarship Recipients

Ella Thorp Fellowship

J. Ian Richards Memorial Scholarship

John Ordway Fellowship

Jean Roberts Fellowship

Mark Feshbach Fellowship – in memory of former Mathematics Prof. Mark Feshbach

Naresh C. Jain Fellowship – in memory of former Mathematics Prof. and Department Head Naresh Jain

Ruth Kahn Fellowship

Professional Development for Grad Students in Math

School of Mathematics Fellowships

Willard Miller Fund

Find out more about Graduate Student Fellowships Recipients

MathCEP Mathematics Center for Educational Programs

  • Sarah Jeon & Charles McGarraugh U of M Talented Youth in Mathematics Program Fellowship

MCFAM Minnesota Center for Financial and Actuarial Mathematics

  • Actuarial Science Fund
  • Travelers Master of Financial Mathematics Fellowship

MCIM Minnesota Center for Industrial Mathematics

  • MCIM Fund
  • MCIM Faculty/Postdoc Support Fund
  • MCIM Visitor Support Fund
  • Medtronic Research Fund  

Samuel G. Ordway Chair in Mathematics

James B. Serrin Endowment – for enhancement of mathematics and scholarship, particularly in pure and applied analysis

Rivière-Fabes Fund – Established in memory of former Mathematics Prof. Nestor Rivière and former Mathematics Prof. and Department Head Eugene Fabes

Yamabe Memorial Symposium Fund

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