How to Declare a Major/Minor in Mathematics

An undergraduate mathematics degree can be earned through either the College of Liberal Arts or the College of Science and Engineering. CLA mathematics majors will earn a B.A.; CSE mathematics majors, a B.S. The major declaration process is different for each college. Both processes, and the process for declaring a math minor, are outlined below.

Math Minor

The math minor is offered through the College of Liberal Arts. Students who have completed the prerequisites of MATH 1271, 1272 and either MATH 2243 or 2263 should email stating their interest in adding the math minor. The math departmental advisor will advise CLA to add the math minor to the students record if the prerequisites have been met.

CLA Math Majors

CLA students interested in the actuarial science specialization or in the UHP program should contact to request an appointment with a Math Faculty Adviser for course planning and mathematics major declaration. All other students should contact to request an appointment with the Departmental Math Adviser for course planning and mathematics major declaration. Following this appointment, a major declaration form will be filed for the student with CLA.

CLA students must declare a major before having earned 60 credits. Undecided students with 60 or more credits will be subject to a registration hold until they declare a major and submit a major program form to their CLA advisor. However, CLA students must have successfully completed ("C-" or above) the following Calculus courses:  MATH 1271 + 1272 + (2243 <or> 2263) in order to declare the BA-Mathematics Major.

CSE Math Majors

Admission to a major in the College of Science and Engineering is a competitive process based on the successful completion of specific technical courses and a grade point average (GPA) based on technical courses (the technical GPA). Current CSE students who have completed the necessary technical courses for admission to the BS-Mathematics Major and who have a 3.2 or above technical GPA at the end of fall semester will be guaranteed admission to this major.

All other students who have completed the necessary technical coursework for the math major and have a 2.0 or above technical GPA, will be considered for admission to that major on a space-available basis. Admission following spring semester is based on space-availability.

Students typically apply to a major while enrolled in fall semester courses during their sophomore year (third semester). Any student who is not admitted to the major by spring semester of their sophomore year may have a Major Declaration hold (MDR) placed on their record. This hold will prevent future registration until a student is admitted to a major.

Students who have already been admitted to a major in the College of Science and Engineering (upper-division) and who would like to either change their major or add Mathematics as an additional major, can apply to do so using the CSE admission to the major database