Probability and Stochastic Processes

John Baxter
Professor Emeritus

potential theory, Markov processes

Sergey Bobkov

geometric and functional inequalities, concentration of measure and isoperimetry

Maury Bramson

probability theory

Jeffrey Calder 
Assistant Professor 
partial differential equations, numerical analysis, applied probability, machine learning, image processing and computer vision

Wei-Kuo Chen
Associate Professor
probability theory, mathematical physics

Jasmine Foo

mathematical biology and applied mathematics

Lawrence Gray
Professor Emeritus

probability theory, Markov processes, interacting particle systems

Nicolai Krylov
Samuel G. Ordway Professor

partial differential equations, probability

William Leeb
Assistant Professor

applied mathematics, computational harmonic analysis, signal and image processing, data analysis

Andrew Odlyzko

computational complexity, cryptography, number theory, combinatorics, coding theory, analysis, probability theory, ecommerce, and economics of data networks

Arnab Sen
random graphs, random matrices, mathematical physics, discrete harmonic analysis

Mike Weimerskirch
Contract Assistant Professor
combinatorial game theory, probability theory and the ranking of NCAA football teams, math education