Mathematical Biology

Maria-Carme Calderer

applied mathematics, continuum mechanics, soft condensed matter physics and materials science, with emphasis on liquid crystals, ferroic materials, partial differential equations and calculus of variations

Jasmine Foo
Associate Professor

mathematical biology and applied mathematics

William Leeb
Assistant Professor

applied mathematics, computational harmonic analysis, signal and image processing, data analysis

Gilad Lerman

computational harmonic analysis, analysis of large data sets and statistical learning, bio-informatics

Mitchell Luskin

numerical analysis, scientific computing, applied mathematics, computational physics

Yoichiro Mori
Associate Professor

mathematical biology, applied mathematics, scientific computing/numerical analysis

Wei-Ming Ni
nonlinear functional analysis, partial differential equations

Duane Nykamp
Associate Professor

applied math, mathematical biology, mathematical neuroscience

Hans Othmer

applied math, mathematical biology, dynamical systems