Christopher Bemis

MFM Instructor
School of Mathematics

General Info

112 Vincent Hall
Research interests: 
Financial mathematics with a focus on statistical model development for derivatives and equities, model calibration, and robust portfolio optimization.

Alumni Info

PhD Awarded: 
Masters Awarded: 
Santosa, Fadil
PhD Thesis: 
Modeling and Optimization of Mortgage Loan Portfolios.
Last Known Institution: 

Whitebox Advisors, LLC, Minneapolis, MN


Head of Quantitative Analysis & Research, Whitebox Advisors, LLC, Minneapolis, MN, 2015-present
Sr Portfolio Manager - Quantitative Equity, Whitebox Advisors, LLC, Minneapolis, MN, 2007-2015
Affiliated Faculty-Assistant Professor, Minnesota Center for Financial & Actuarial Mathematics (MCFAM), University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, 2007-present