Fri Feb 23


11:15am - Vincent Hall 113
Video Textbooks In The Active Learning Classroom
Mike Weimerskirch
Fri Feb 23

IMA/MCIM Industrial Problems Seminar

1:25pm - Lind 305
Guy-vanie Miakonkana, Travelers Insurance
Fri Feb 23

Probability Seminar

2:30pm - Vincent Hall 311
Pursuit Games and Shy Couplings
Maury Bramson, UMN
Fri Feb 23

Combinatorics Seminar

3:35pm - Vincent Hall 570
Biclosed sets in representation theory
Alexander Garver, UQAM
Fri Feb 23

MCFAM Seminar

5:30pm - Vincent Hall 16
Modeling and Coding Work of a Quantitative Risk Analyst and MFM Alumna
Samantha (Shiyu) Hong, Geneva Trading
Mon Feb 26

Math Biology Seminar

1:30pm - Vincent Hall 313
Linking the micro- and macro-scales in populations of swimming cells
Eric Keaveny, Imperial College
Mon Feb 26

Applied and Computational Math Colloquium

3:35pm - Lind Hall 215
Producing divergence free approximations to incompressible flows
Johnny Guzman, Brown University
Mon Feb 26

Automorphic Forms and Number Theory

3:35pm - Vincent Hall 364
Moderate-growth automorphic forms and rapid-decay automorphic distributions
Joe Dickinson, University of Minnesota
Tue Feb 27

Climate Seminar

11:15am - 570 Vincent Hall
Climate Change Seminar
Richard McGehee
Tue Feb 27

Math Physics Seminar

1:25pm - Vincent Hall 301
Archaeological Site Reconstruction at Dmanisi, Georgia: Using Modern Geometric Methods and Machine Learning to Classify and Refit Fragmented Faunal Remains
Katrina Yezzi-Woodley, Department of Anthropology