Yamabe Memorial Symposium: Geometry and Physics

September 17 - 19, 2004

Confirmed Speakers

Robert BryantDuke University
Sheldon KatzUniversity of Illinois
Kefeng LiuUCLA
Duong PhongColumbia University
Paul SeidelUniversity of Chicago
Isadore M. SingerMIT
Karen UhlenbeckUniversity of Texas
Shing-Tung YauHarvard University

Conference Schedule

Friday, September 17thSaturday, September 18thSunday, September 19th
2:30pm - Registration and refreshments 120 VinH8:15am - Continental breakfast VinH 1208:15am - Continental breakfast
3:15pm - Welcome9:30am - Shing-Tung Yau9:30am - Paul Seidel
3:20pm - Introduction10:30am - Group photo10:30am - Coffee break VinH 120
3:30pm - Kefeng Liu10:40am - Coffee break VinH 12011:00am - Sheldon Katz
4:30pm - Coffee break VinH 12011:10am - Robert Bryant
5:00pm - Duong Phong12:10pm - Lunch
2:30pm - Is Singer
3:30pm - Coffee break VinH 120
4:00pm - Karen Uhlenbeck
6:15pm - Wine and appetizer reception
7:15pm - Symposium banquet Carlson School Executive Dining Room

Transit and Maps

From the airport: When you arrive head down to the floor under the baggage pickup, and follow the signs to the light rail. Take the tram, go down two escalators to the ticket machine. Buy a ticket ($1.75 or $2.25 - exact change not needed). Take the BLUE LINE toward Mpls-Target Field to the DOWNTOWN EAST station. At the DOWNTOWN EAST station, transfer to the GREEN LINE toward St. Paul-Union Depot. For Vincent Hall or the Commons Hotel, get off at the EAST BANK station (two stops). The Commons Hotel is a 1/2 block beyond the station on the left. For Days Inn, get off at the STADIUM VILLAGE station (three stops) and cross University Ave to the northerly side and walk east for a block or so.

Participant List

NameEmail Address
Karen Uhlenbeck uhlen-at-math.utexas.edu
Paul Seidel seidel-at-math.uchicago.edu
Duong H. Phong phong-at-math.columbia.edu
Robert Bryant bryant-at-math.duke.edu
S.-T. Yau yau-at-math.harvard.edu
Kefeng Liu liu-at-math.ucla.edu
Sheldon Katz katz-at-math.uiuc.edu
Isadore Singer ims-at-math.mit.edu
Zhiqin Lu zlu-at-math.uci.edu
Arkady Kholodenko string-at-clemson.edu
Kenneth Chu chu-at-math.utah.edu
Lei Zhang leizhang-at-math.ufl.edu
Richard Wentworth wentworth-at-jhu.edu
Lotfi Hermi hermi-at-math.arizona.edu
Weiqing Gu gu-at-math.hmc.edu
Mario Listing listing-at-math.sunysb.edu
Josef Bemelmans bemelmans-at-rwth-aachen.de
S.J. Drouilhet galois-at-mnstate.edu
Jae-Hyouk Lee jhlee-at-math.wustl.edu
Jaigyoung Choe choe-at-math.snu.ac.kr
John Loftin loftin-at-andromeda.rutgers.edu
Xiaojun Chen chen-at-math.sunysb.edu
Roman Smirnov smirnov-at-mathstat.dal.ca
Alexander Kahle akahle-at-math.utexas.edu
Chiung-Ju Liu cliu-at-math.uci.edu
Nels Hanson nhandson-at-math.columbia.edu
Josef Dorfmeister dorfmeis-at-math.umn.edu
Xiaofeng Sun xsun-at-math.harvard.edu
Lei Ni lni-at-math.ucsd.edu
Jeffrey Streets streets-at-math.duke.edu
Liang Kong lkong-at-math.rutgers.edu
Dimiter Vassilev vassilev-at-math.uqam.ca
Kevin Klonoff kklonoff-at-math.utexas.edu
Qi Li liqi-at-math.columbia.edu
Vasilii Kurta vvk-at-ams.org
Ilia Zharkov zharkov-at-math.harvard.edu
Shihshu Walter Wei wwei-at-ou.edu
Chiung-Nan Tsai tsai-at-math.columbia.edu
Donovan McFeron dmcferon-at-math.columbia.edu
Xiaowei Wang xiaowei-at-math.ucla.edu
Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu ccliu@math.harvard.edu
Yang Zhang yzhang-at-physics.umn.edu
Al Marden am-at-math.umn.edu
Mao-Pei Tsui tsui-at-math.columbia.edu
Bennett Chow benchow-at-math.ucsd.edu
William D. Kirwin kirwin-at-math.usu.edu
Seick Kim seick-at-math.missouri.edu
Jianhong Jackie Shen jhshen-at-math.umn.edu
Peter Rejto rejto-at-math.umn.edu
Mike Cocos cocos-at-math.umn.edu
Assane Lo assane-at-math.arizona.edu
Spiro Karigiannis spiro-at-math.mcmaster.ca
Jay Kangel j.kangel-at-excite.com
Simon Morgan morgan-at-math.umn.edu
Michael Galbraith galbrait-at-math.umn.edu
Ryan Hynd ryanhynd-at-math.berkeley.edu
Yon Seo Kim yskim-at-math.ucla.edu
David Shaw dshaw-at-shawcomputing.net
Don Kahn kahn-at-math.umn.edu
Mitchell Luskin luskin-at-math.umn.edu
Antoine Choffrut choffrut-at-math.umn.edu
Chung-I Ho hoxxx090-at-umn.edu
Horst Behnke anja-kipp-at-uni-osnabrueck.de
Ernie Kalnins e.kalnins-at-waikato.ac.nz
Kaisa Taipale taipale-at-math.umn.edu
Mark Feshbach feshbach-at-math.umn.edu
Leon Green green-at-math.umn.edu
Tian-Jun Li tjli-at-math.umn.edu
Jiaping Wang jiaping-at-math.umn.edu
Naichung Conan Leung leung-at-math.umn.edu
Bob Gulliver gulliver-at-math.umn.edu


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