Yamabe Memorial Symposium: Geometry and Analysis

September 26 - 28, 2008

Confirmed Speakers

Simon BrendleStanford University
Alice ChangPrinceton University
Gerhard HuiskenAlbert Einstein Institute, Potsdam
Ngaiming MokHong Kong University
Leon SimonStanford University
Yum-Tong SiuHarvard University
Neil TrudingerAustralia National University
Burkhard WilkingUniversity of Muenster

Conference Schedule

Friday, September 26thSaturday, September 27thSunday, September 28th
2:30pm - Registration and refreshments 120 VinH8:15am - Continental breakfast8:15am - Continental breakfast
3:15pm - Welcome9:30am - Gerhard Huisken9:30am - Alice Chang
3:20pm - Introduction10:30am - Group photo10:30am - Coffee break VinH 120
3:30pm - Neil Trudinger10:40am - Coffee break VinH 12011:00am - Leon Simon
4:30pm - Coffee break11:10am - Simon Brendle
5:00pm - Burkhard Wilking12:10pm - Lunch
2:30pm - Yum-Tong Siu
3:30pm - Coffee break VinH 120
4:00pm - Ngaiming Mok
5:45pm - 5:45pm - Wine and appetizer reception
6:45pm - Symposium banquet Mississippi Room in Coffman Union

Transit and Maps

From the airport: When you arrive head down to the floor under the baggage pickup, and follow the signs to the light rail. Take the tram, go down two escalators to the ticket machine. Buy a ticket ($1.75 or $2.25 - exact change not needed). Take the BLUE LINE toward Mpls-Target Field to the DOWNTOWN EAST station. At the DOWNTOWN EAST station, transfer to the GREEN LINE toward St. Paul-Union Depot. For Vincent Hall or the Commons Hotel, get off at the EAST BANK station (two stops). The Commons Hotel is a 1/2 block beyond the station on the left. For Days Inn, get off at the STADIUM VILLAGE station (three stops) and cross University Ave to the northerly side and walk east for a block or so.

Participant List

NameEmail Address
Simon Brendle brendle'at"math.stanford.edu
Ngaiming Mok nmok"at'hkucc.hku.hk
Leon Simon lms*at"math.stanford.edu
Gerhard Huisken Gerhard.Huisken"at*aei.mpg.de
Alice Chang chang'at"math.princeton.edu
Burkhard Wilking wilking'at'math.uni-muenster.de
Yum-Tong Siu siu'at"math.harvard.edu
Neil Trudinger Neil.Trudinger"at'anu.edu.au
Christine Breiner cbreiner-at-math.jhu.edu
Arvind Rao arao%at%math.uiowa.edu
Zhou Zhang zhangou-at_umich.edu
Robert Neel neel_AT_math.columbia.edu
Alex Freire Alex Freire
Ke Zhu zhukeke_AT_hotmail.com
Kaveh Fouladgar kavehf"at"stanford.edu
Bo Guan guan'at'math.osu.edu
Cheng Zhan zhan0511`at'math.uh.edu
Mijia Lai mijia-lai_at-math.uiowa.edu
Sidney Drouilhet galois_at-mnstate.edu
Zheng Huang huangz_at-mail.csi.cuny.edu
Li Long h0583758`at'gmail.com
Jay Kangel j.kangel`at'excite.com
Hao Yu yuxxx192`at'umn.edu
Giuseppe Tinaglia giuseppetinaglia_at_nd.edu
Farid Madani madani`at'math.jussieu.fr
Lu Wang luwang`at'math.mit.edu
Jeff Jauregui jeff_at_math.duke.edu
Changyou Wang cywang`at'MS.UKY.EDU
John McCuan mccuan`at'math.gatech.edu
Ali Wehbe awehbe'at'fpcc.edu
Lei Zhang leizhang-at-uab.edu
Guoyi Xu guoyixu`at'UMN.EDU
Chung-I Ho hoxxx090%at*math.umn.edu
Hao Fang haofang"at'math.uiowa.edu
Antoine Choffrut choffrut%at*math.umn.edu
Josef Dorfmeister dorfmeis%at*math.umn.edu
Shinichiroh Matsuo exotic-at_ms.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Linlin Su suxxx056%at*math.umn.edu
Jeonghun Lee leex2454%at*math.umn.edu
Kaisa Taipale taipale%at*math.umn.edu
Sasha Voronov voronov%AT*math.umn.edu
Sa'ar Hersonsky saarh_at-math.uga.edu
Mikio Furuta furuta-at-ms.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Anar Akhmedov ahmadov`at'math.gatech.edu
Al Marden marden#at-math.umn.edu
Alexander Hanhart hanhart%at*math.umn.edu
Christopher Kim cmkim*at]math.umn.edu
Patrick Campbell prcamp-at-math.umn.edu
Tian-Jun Li tjli-at#math.umn.edu
Jiaping Wang jiaping_at-math.umn.edu
Don Kahn kahn-at_math.umn.edu
Bob Gulliver gulliver*at*math.umn.edu

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