Registration FAQ

Descriptions for all of the courses offered in the School of Mathematics can be found on the Courses page.

Listings of courses in Mathematics being offered each semester can be found courses/instructors list, and registration and scheduling information can be found in the online Schedule Builder App.

Six credits is considered full-time for graduate students.

Undergraduate students and non-degree seeking students need to register for at least 12 credits to be considered full-time.

Yes, it is. Please see The Graduate School's, Non-Degree Credits, Earning Graduate Credit as a Non-Degree Student website.

If you seek graduate credit as a non-degree student, please fill out the REGISTRATION REQUEST FOR GRADUATE CREDIT Non-degree students form (PDF).

Please wait until you're assigned an initial advisor (which typically happens a few weeks before classes), and until you can talk with him or her, in person, about courses.

One of the most serious mistakes common to incoming graduate students is to try to take coursework for which they're not ready. If you have to drop out of a year-long course sequence, take a lower level sequence and then retake the original sequence, it can cost you an extra year.