Assistantship FAQ

Summer teaching is administered by Chester Miracle. You can contact him in person, or leave a hardcopy note in his mailbox.

When we admit applicants applying to the Ph.D. Degree Program in Mathematics, we generally admit them with financial support in the form of…..

Students in M.S. Degree Programs are not offered financial support, except students in the M.S. Degree with Emphasis in Mathematics Education program. [can we link to more detail on the support offered in MathEd programs?]

Submitting a GRE Mathematics Subject score is not required, but we strongly recommend it. Without that score, your application might not receive full consideration by our Graduate Studies committee. The Mathematics Subject GRE score is one of the first things the committee examines when reviewing an application. An application without the GRE Math Subject score will be at a disadvantage compared to other applications.

We do not base decisions on general GRE scores, but rather use the Mathematics Subject GRE.