Application Deadlines



Ph.D. December 15
Master's of Mathematics February 01
Master's with Emphasis in Math Education February 01
Master's with Emphasis in Industrial and Applied Math February 01
Master's of Financial Mathematics (MFM) See MCFAM Website


There is no difference in the admission process between the Ph.D. Programs in Mathematics and in Applied Mathematics. Students interested in a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics should simply apply to the Ph.D. Program.

An application for admission to the Ph.D. program is automatically regarded as an application for financial support. The same is true of the Master's Program with Emphasis in Math Education, with some partial financial support. Support is normally not available for the Masters Program in Industrial Math and for the Master's of Financial Mathematics (MFM) Program.

The Master's of Financial Mathematics (MFM) is a completely separate program from the other graduate programs in the School of Mathematics, and it has a completely separate application process. See the MFM Online Application for Financial Mathematics.

Timeline for Application Decisions

Find out about details about application timelines and decisions on the Application Decisions page.

NOTE: We ordinarily admit new students for Fall semester only.