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Hi! I am a graduate student at the University of Minnesota in my sixth and final year of my PhD in Applied Mathematics. I analyse big data to identify the driving factors in complex systems like our planet's climate. When I'm not at school, I can be found at the yoga studio, the climbing gym, or outdoors somewhere.

Office Hours

Office: VinH 424
Hours: Tuesdays: 10-11am and Thursdays: 1:20-2:20pm

Experience and CV

After earning my undergraduate degree in theater at Smith College, I spent several years in professional theater before returning to school for mathematics. I managed the transition from theater to mathematics with the help of the NSF funded Smith College's Post-Baccalaureate Year in Mathematics. Located at the Center for Women in Mathematics, this program prepared me for my leap into graduate school at the University of Minnesota.

You can read one account of my early career in mathematics in this AMS Notices article about the Smith post-baccalaureate program on page 713 or directly on this pdf version of the article.

After completing my written exams, I spent my summers at Los Alamos National Laboratory, LANL, with the Climate Ocean and Sea Ice Modeling (COSIM) group. I researched eddy identification schemes as well as fast/slow dynamics for heterogeneous computing algorithm development.

I am currently a teaching assistant for the University of Minnesota. Additionally, I organize an online webinar, PaleoSeminar, within MCRN. If you are interested in attending PaleoSeminar, please feel free to contact me about it.

For further details on my experience please see my resume.

Research Interests

I analyse big data to identify the driving factors in complex systems like our planet's climate. My academic research interests are in dynamical systems, whole Earth dynamics, climate change. I'm interested how we model our Earth's climate within the scope of the last million years. There are several models in use currently and scientists have not reached a consensus about which is best. I use mathematical data analysis to show one model in particular is a poor choise for the last million years.

Course Documents

Here is a link to the Instructions for 2nd floor Scanner in Vincent computer lab.

Fall 2013, I TAed for Math 1001: Excursions in Mathematics. My course webpage contains information from this course.

Fall 2012, I TAed for Math 2573H: Honors Multivariable Calculus. My course webpage contains information on this course.

Spring 2012, I lectured for Math 1272: Calculus 2. My course webpage contains information on this course.

Below I have added a few documents I developed for Math 2373 CSE Linear Algebra & Differential Equations.

Diff Eq Flow Chart for Exam 1
Ex: Phase Angle
Ex: 1st Order DE
Ex: Laplace Transform of a Heavyside Function
Ex: Lowering the dimension of a DE system