Spring 2012 Math 2373 Sec 33 CSE Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

Workshop Leader's Contact Info

Emily Gunawan -- office: Vincent Hall 370 -- email: egunawan at umn dot edu -- office phone: (612)624-5895

Office Hours (Spring 2012)

Tuesday 1:25-2:15pm
Thursday 1:25-2:15pm
and by appointments


Midterm 1: Thursday Feb 16 (5-6pm or 6-7pm) at room TBA (Bring ID and calculator)
Midterm 2: Thursday March 22 at room TBA
Midterm 3: Thursday April 26 (5-6pm or 6:08-7:08pm) at Physics 170
Practice Exam 3 with solutions

FINAL: Monday May 7 at Willey Hall 125 (1:30-4:30pm) bring ID
Recommended Prep Materials:
1.) Two worksheets on new Monday April 30 lecture materials (to be handed out on Tuesday May 1)
2.) Five Final review sheets (to be handed out on Tuesday May 1)
3.) Midterms 1, 2, and 3 (the last midterm will be returned on Thursday May 3)
4.) If you did all of those, feel free to do some 35 extra review problems.

Solution to Problem 2 (2nd translation theorem) from midterm 3.

Homework Hints

Homework 4

Matlab Assignments (due every Tues)

How to code in Matlab
Due Feb 7: Matlab Exercises #2 (with original tex file for those interested in typesetting their lab reports)
Due Feb 14: Matlab Exercises #3
Due Feb 21: Matrix Determinant/Inverse code (code can be submitted later than Feb 21) + Matlab Exercises #4 (with a not-so-neat original tex file )

Write your lab report in LaTeX (optional)

LaTeX is a typesetting engine (less complicated than html) for creating professional-looking prints often used for writing mathematical and scientific papers.

See Vincent Q-B's site for a Math2373 lab report example written in LaTeX and some recommended LaTeX resources.
The CSE Linux machines (including the Lind 40 machines) are already LaTeX-ready. Use any plain text editor (like "getedit","vi", "emacs", etc.) to edit your .TeX file. Type the command "pdflatex FILE_LOCATION/FILE_NAME.tex" in the terminal to create the corresponding pdf file in FILE_LOCATION.
A .TeX previwer/typesetter for Mac OS X is TeXShop.

Matlab Access

You should have access to any Linux and Window CSE computers (including Lind Hall 40) when no class is on session in the computer lab room

Get your own student copy of Matlab if you have a CSE account.

To remotely access a machine in Lab Lind Hall 40 or other computer labs, open a terminal, and type:
"ssh YOUR_LOGIN_NAME@MACHINE_NAME.cselabs.umn.edu", hit enter, and type in your password. For example, I would type "ssh egunawan@lind40-41.cselabs.umn.edu" to connect to the machine named "lind40-41" (each machine should be clearly labeled).

% ssh egunawan@lind40-41.cselabs.umn.edu
egunawan@lind40-41 (/home/it08/egunawan) % module load math/matlab
egunawan@lind40-41 (/home/it08/egunawan) % matlab -nodisplay

To start Matlab, type "module load math/matlab", press enter, and then type "matlab -nodisplay".

Free Tutors

FREE TUTORS for math2373! The SMART Learning Commons offers both workshop and tutorial options for students at its three regular locations - Walter Library (East Bank), Wilson Library (West Bank), and the Magrath Library (St. Paul campus) and also in selected dorms during selected evening and weekend time slots! Please check smart.umn.edu for specific details.


"Linear Algebra and Differential Equation Part I" by Chester Miracle can now be purchased (for around $29) at Alpha Print in Dinkytown (1407 Fourth Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414.Tel: 612-379-8535). The 2nd part of the textbook will be available for purchase toward the end of the semester.


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