Joseph J Benson's Home Page

Contact Info

Joseph J Benson,

  206 Church St SE
  Minneapolis, MN 55455 USA

Office Hours

Monday 3:30-5:30
Tuesday 2:00-4:00

Research Interests

Differential geometry, moving frames, integrable systems of non-linear PDE

Current Course

Math 4242 - Applied Linear Algebra Summer 2013

Past Courses

Financial Math 5011 Fall 2009
Financial Math 5012 Spring 2010
Math1272-Calculus 2 Summer 2010
Math1271-Calculus 1 Fall 2010
Math 1271-Calculus 1 Summer 2011
Math 2263-Multivariable Calculus Summer 2012
Math2263-Multivariable Calculus Spring 2013







School of Mathematics
Institute of Technology
University of Minnesota

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