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Cascading style sheets (CSS) and well formed HTML.
"Ten Good Deeds in Web Design", Jakob Nielson

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{ ricotta, artichoke hearts, homemade italian pork sausage, rinotta, roasted eggplant, barbequed chicken, roasted whole clove garlic, spinach, ... }
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Content Management Software (CMS) Comparison Matrix Try Slashcode, Movable Type and WebGUI. They don't list MediaWiki, and seem to only list open source apps.

IETF Official Internet Protocol Standards


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Some Big 10 schools, University of Minnesota academic units, and nationwide mathematics organizations .
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Locations: Chemistry, Coffman + 6 others

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Telephone Features History of Phone Upgrades at UMN

Safari Books Online You'll need to be at the U of MN, have a central U of MN account, or have an account with You may find it more enjoyable to get a physical book on Unix.

Mathematics e-Prints at


TeX TeX Markup on Wikipedia TeXvc
Kile LaTeX editor environment
Spell Checking
Use Flyspell for Emacs to add "ispell" powered live-spellchecking to emacs. Add (autoload 'flyspell-mode "flyspell" "On-the-fly spelling checker." t) to your ~/.emacs preferences and run M-x flyspell-mode with a file buffer open.
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
Used for Unix environments like Linux, BSD Unix, MacOS X Terminal, and Cygwin for MS-Windows.
Binary prefix

National Science Foundation - Math and Physical Sciences
National Science Foundation section of the Code of Federal Regulations

Soupy Sales' 1965 Unintentional Phishing
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