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The Great Lakes Geometry Conference

Saturday-Sunday, September 15-16, 2007


Image used by permission from users under Creative Commons licenses.

Confirmed Speakers:

Albrecht Klemm, University of Wisconsin
Yuan-Pin Lee, University of Utah
Jun Li, Stanford University
Ciprian Manolescu, Columbia University
Davesh Maulik, Princeton University
Yong-Geun Oh, University of Wisconsin
Aleksey Zinger, SUNY Stony Brook

Bob Gulliver, University of Minnesota,
Tianjun Li, University of Minnesota and
Yongbin Ruan, University of Michigan.

We plan to cover some of the expenses for participants. Send email to
to apply.

History of the Great Lakes Geometry Conference

1999 University of Wisconsin at Madison,
2000 Michigan State University,
2001 Northwestern University,
2003 University of Wisconsin at Madison,
2004 University of Notre Dame,
2005 Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Ont.,

October 30-Nov. 2, 2008

Speaker lists at earlier GLGCs